Ken recaps the Leisure Summer Challenges from the Leisure Night.

The three leisure challenges

There is a leisure challenge in here to suit everyone, we think!  The Challenges comprise 3 optional personal challenges that can help to provide a focus and recognition for your 2017 cycling efforts.  The challenge window is between 1st April and 31s tAugust inclusive, i.e. 20 weeks. So it’s you choice: 3 or 2 or 1? How does it work?


Distance - The first Challenge

So challenge yourself to cycling over 20 weeks the equivalent of 7, 12 or 16 Milan San Remo distances.  All your cycling is included even the one down to McDonalds for a Big Mc.

Milan San Remo, called "The Spring classic" or "La Classicissima", is an annual cycling race between Milan and San Remo in Northwest Italy. With a distance of 298km it is the longest professional one-day race in modern cycling. It is the first major classic race of the season, usually held on the third Saturday of March.

The Distance Challenge
Option 1 - Cycle 7 Milan-San Remo (equivalents) i.e. 2,100km
 (avg. 105km pw x 20 weeks),
  • Option 2 - Cycle 12 Milan-San Remo (equivalents) i.e. 3,600km 
(avg. 180km pw x 20 weeks),
  • Option 3 - Cycle 16 Milan-San Remo (equivalents) i.e. 4,800km
 (avg. 240km pw x 20 weeks).


Climbing - The Second Challenge:

The word "iconic" is often over-worked in cycling, but its application to the wiggling climb up Alpe d’Huez is entirely justified. The 13.8 kilometres of tarmac slithers its way from Bourg d’Oisans to the ski resort of Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps, navigating 21 hairpin bends along the way. From the air. The road is instantly recognisable, as is its relentless turns and gradient when you are travelling up it or watching a race unfold on its slopes.

Although Alpe d’Huez is a regular fixture of the Tour de France now. The climb has made Tour champions, and broken the hearts and bodies of many others – and not just racers. The climb has become a "must do" ascent for cyclists, and is a mecca for bike-bound pilgrims every year when the snow melts away.

So challenge yourself to climb over 20 weeks the equivalent of 20, 30 or 40 Alpes d'Huez. All your climbing is included even the small hills up and down to Joe Daly Cycles. 

The Climbing Challenge
Option 1 - Climb 20 Alpe d'Huez (equivalents) i.e. 22,000 metres
 (avg. 1,100 metres pw x 20 weeks),
  • Option 2 - Climb 30 Alpe d'Huez (equivalents) i.e. 33,000 metres
 (avg. 1,650 metres pw x 20 weeks),
  • Option 3 - Climb 40 Alpe d'Huez (equivalents) i.e. 44,000 metres
 (avg. 2,200 metres pw x 20 weeks).


Third - The Randonneur Challenge:

The return of a big hit from last year, between March and August inclusive, i.e. 6 months Complete 12 x 140km spins. Any spin over 140km completed in one day counts.


Breaking it down

April to August inclusive comprises 22 weeks. We have assumed 2 weeks of no cycling during holidays. Thus 20 weeks has been used as a standard for the averages mentioned.


How it works

Sign-up electronically using the Leisure Challenges Sign-up Form. It is also in the "Sign-up Forms" section of the websites sidebar. The deadline for signing up is 31 March. You can commit to one, two or all three challenges.

 During April the Challenge table is published identifying which challenge(s) have been joined and by whom. This is when your commitment to your challenge(s) becomes public. Once a month log your progress for the preceding month. A new form to allow you do so electronically will be available on the website.

The deadline for logging your progress is the first 2 weeks of each month. The first deadline will be 14th of May for logging your April progress and so on. During each successive month the Challenge table is updated to incorporate your prior month progress as logged by you.


The boring stuff

An honour system is used, i.e. self-report your progress. Ideally use Strava to track your progress but manual is ok too though only for distance. Turbo and spin class miles are great but must be excluded for these challenges. Meeting the deadlines outlined above is a requirement for participation.

Don't worry - there will be plenty of deadline reminders.

Lastly for questions please reach out on the forum's Leisure Challenges thread.


Have fun and the best of luck!

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