A Recap of the Pinergy Orwell CX Race 2023 at McCrystal's CX Track. Generously sponsored by Joe Daly Cycles, Footprints Early Years Preschool, All-American Laundrette and Bike Fitting Ireland.



My alarm rang at 06:30, it’s label in the iPhone clock app; “Once Off”. Before heading up the M1, I picked up Lorna Reilly in the Pinergy Orwell Club car. She immediately turned down my totally awesome Synthwave playlist on the CarPlay. I was secretly hoping that “Race Organiser has impeccable taste in music” would feature in the Commissaire Report. Our arrival at the McCrystal CX Track was preceded by the All-Star Commissaire and Organisation cast of Martin Grimley, Jim Adams, Liz Roche and Bryan McCrystal. Not to brag, but with myself and Lorna there, it was now basically Avengers Assemble (or something, I stopped watching Marvel movies midway through the EggsBenedict Cucumberbatch one). Paul McAviney, number caller extraordinaire, would make his entrance at a key moment, like the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.


Running our race at the McCrystal CX Track took a tremendous amount of stress out of the organisation in the weeks leading up to the race …for me. My CX Race Project Plan’s laundry list of Pre-Race Tasks was reduced to change a date on a website and show up with a Gridding Spreadsheet, Bag of Youth Medals, Prize Money Envelopes and three people for the Car Park. Thanks to Luke McMullan, Barry Cronin and Aoife Reilly for volunteering and arriving before 09:00, as the first 20 minutes of setting up the car park are crucial.


The new Live Timing feature (RaceResult’s Wordpress Plugin) Bryan now has implemented is super useful. This was a great feature for the Youth Nationals a few years ago, and Rás Mumhan and Rás na mBan this year. As you can access the website, and see the current positions and time gaps. For racers, it also doubles as a Results which are available straight after the Race. For spectators, it has the “Bib Number” column, so you can identify the shoulder number and cheer on approaching riders. This, in combination with a mid-lap stopwatch lap button pushing person can provide your riders with a time gap trajectory. If you watch the CX on GCN+, you’ll often see Sven Nys and others in assorted team jackets shouting time gaps at their riders.

There were drainage improvements to the track during the summer, which kept the surface in good condition despite the havoc Storm Ciaran caused in the locality.


U12s Race

The Under 12s got the racing underway at 09:55.

The Boys set off first, with our two Girls a few seconds later.

Just like last week in Navan, the Boys needed all the time gap they could get. Laoise Crinion (IMBRC) made her way to the front of the race, followed by Lilly McDermott (TC Racing). Laoise would hold on to take the win. Lilly suffered a mechanical and lost time, as she fixed it herself. Lilly still retains the lead in the Leinster League U12 Girls Category.


Action from the U12 Race. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


U12 Girls
 1  Laoise Crinion      IMBRC
 2  Lilly McDermott     TC Racing


In the U12 Boys, Nathan Baker (Breffni Wheelers) set off fast, and held off a late bid for glory from Ashton Foley Doran (Carlow RCC), to win by two seconds. This was Nathan’s second win of the season. Donnchadh Ryan (Courtown BMX Club) picked up the final step on the podium, as he kept Caden Byrne (Carlow RCC) at bay. League Leader Luke Pieczykolan (Navan Road Club) was riding high early in the race, alas he was overtaken, but held on for a Top 5.


U12 Boys
 1  Nathan Baker        Breffni Wheelers
 2  Ashton Foley Doran  Carlow RCC
 3  Donnchadh Ryan      Courtown BMX Club
 4  Caden Byrne         Carlow RCC
 5  Luke Pieczykolan    Navan Road Club
 6  Jamie Dowling       Un-Attached Leinster
 7  Soren Santini       IMBRC


Youth Boys

The Youth Boys were gridded up and ready to go at 10:35.

The U16s, featuring some returning protagonists, set off first. The U14s were in hot pursuit about 30 seconds later.

Jack Woods (Carlow RCC), looking for back-to-back wins, took early control. Ryan Daly (Scott Bright Motor Group) was keeping him honest. At the end of the race, only sixteen seconds would separate the leading duo. Fionn Killeen (Kilcullen CC Murphy Geospacial) and Rian McCrystal (Bellurgan Wheelers) would battle for the final podium spot. Fionn Killeen held on to win the sprint. League Leader, Fionn Crinion (IMBRC) was fifth. Olivier Hylén O’Shaughnessy (Cuchulainn CC) was a factor in the top 5 during the race, alas a last lap DNF meant that it was not to be. Conor Regan (Kilcullen CC Murphy Geospacial) was sixth. Conor and Fionn were tied for the League last week, but now Fionn has a one point lead.


Action from the Youth Boys Race. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


U16 Boys
 1  Jack Woods      Carlow RCC
 2  Ryan Daly       Scott Bright Motor Group
 3  Fionn Killeen   Kilcullen CC Murphy Geospacial
 4  Rian McCrystal  Bellurgan Wheelers
 5  Fionn Crinion   IMBRC


In the U14s, League Leader James Cunningham (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) was matched in the opening salvos by Eoin Davis (Bohermeen CC). James would eventually pull a gap during lap two, to take his third Leinster League win in a row. Eoin Davis held on for second place. James and Eoin have been neck-and-neck all season, whilst James has had the results in the Leinster League, Eoin has had the favourable outcomes in the Ulster CycloCross Series. Evan Byrne (Carlow RCC) was third. This was Evan’s third third place this season. Tomás Connolly (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) was fourth. Noah Byrne (Carlow RCC) was fifth.

Just after the In-Lap, as he crossed the start/finish, a rider in the U14s suffered a jammed chain. He maturely fixed it, in front of a live studio audience, and got himself back up and running. Just to reiterate to all riders, parents and bystanders, the rider gets Disqualified if external help is physically given outside the Pit area. As a bystander, you can coach the rider through the fix verbally. Riders, please ensure that you refuse physical help.


U14 Boys
 1  James Cunningham  Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 2  Eoin Davis        Bohermeen CC
 3  Evan Byrne        Carlow RCC
 4  Tomás Connolly    Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 5  Noah Byrne        Carlow RCC


Women and Youth Girls

Our separate Women’s Only race was next up at 11:35.

The Women’s grid was set off first, with the U16s following thirty seconds later, and the U14s about ten seconds later again.

In the U16 Girls, Holly McCaffrey (Cuchulainn CC) took her second win of the season and extended her lead at the top of the League by five points. Second place on the day saw Grace O’Rourke (Cuchulainn CC) move into second place in the League. Shannon Doyle (White River Wheelers CC) scored her first podium. We wish Ffion Dolan a speedy recovery, after she had to DNF after a crash.


Action from the Youth Girls Race. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


U16 Girls
 1  Holly McCaffrey  Cuchulainn CC
 2  Grace O'Rourke   Cuchulainn CC
 3  Shannon Doyle    White River Wheelers CC


In the U14 Girls, Katie Turner (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) went thermonuclear. She passed all the way up to and including fourth in the Women’s Race. She was hot on the heels of third place, when she took the flag, in the 30 minute race duration for the Youth. Aoife Craig (VC Glendale) was back for her second round of the Leinster League, and she finished second. Naoise Byrne (Carlow RCC) was third. Naoise remains third in the League standings. Ciara O’Connor (Drogheda Wheelers), fourth on the day, retains the League lead. If she races next week, she’ll still be in the League Lead. It will only be in the final round, where the Best 5 of 6 Results will be in effect, and that’s when Ciara could be slipping to third in the League. Eire McCrystal (Bellurgan Wheelers) was fifth.


U14 Girls
 1  Katie Turner    Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 2  Aoife Craig     VC Glendale
 3  Naoise Byrne    Carlow RCC
 4  Ciara O'Connor  Drogheda Wheelers
 5  Eire McCrystal  Bellurgan Wheelers


In the Women’s Race, Caoimhe May (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) took the win. Caoimhe was pushed all race by Doireann waiting in the wings all race. Doireann Killeen (Kilcullen CC Murphy Geospacial) was second. Doireann extends her lead at the top of the League. Elena Wallace (Harps CC) paid us a visit and was comfortably in third place. Niamh Stephens (Team Giant Dublin) patiently rode through the pack as she picked off the three riders who finally ended up behind her, all the way to fourth. Last week Niamh was tied with Leah on points for third in the table. This week, she has a slight three point gap. Jean Wilson (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) had to weather an early storm from Aoife, and bagged both fifth and the Unplaced M40 Prize. Leah McCarthy (K Capital Rocky Mountain) was sixth. Leah is up to third in the league, and will be battling Niamh in the coming two rounds. The pair’s duels were one of the main plots of the Women’s Leinster League last season. Aoife Reilly (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) made her long awaited CX debut this season. She was a feature early in the race, but slipped to seventh. Aoife won the Unplaced Orwell Rider Prize. Aoibhinn Sharkey (VC Glendale) eighth and won the Unplaced Junior Prize. Rhiannon Dolan (TC Racing) was ninth. Aine Reilly (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) was tenth.


We had hoped to offer an Unplaced M60 Prize initially, but there were no M60s racing this season, so we swapped it for an Unplaced U23 prize. As our U23s swept the podium, we repackaged this to the B-Race as an Unplaced Master Prize. Similarly, we had an Unplaced M50 Prize allocated, but no M50s signed up, so we converted this to an Unplaced Orwell Prize.


Our Women’s Race Prize Pool was kindly sponsored by Orla Hendron from the All-American Laundrette, George's Street, Dublin 2. The All-American Laundrette have been a long standing supporter of cycling events, including Rás na mBan and our CycloCross events. If you’re considering Dry Cleaning or Laundry services, please consider The All-American Laundrette.


Women's Podium. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


Women’s Race
 1  Caoimhe May       Pinergy Orwell Wheelers         U23
 2  Doireann Killeen  Kilcullen CC Murphy Geospacial  U23
 3  Elena Wallace     Harps CC                        U23
 4  Niamh Stephens    Team Giant Dublin               Senior
 5  Jean Wilson       Pinergy Orwell Wheelers         M40
 6  Leah McCarthy     K Capital Rocky Mountain        Senior
 7  Aoife Reilly      Pinergy Orwell Wheelers         Senior
 8  Aoibhinn Sharkey  VC Glendale                     Junior
 9  Rhiannon Dolan    TC Racing                       Junior
10  Aine Reilly       Pinergy Orwell Wheelers         Junior


Women's Unplaced Podium. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


Underage Fun Races

At 12:20, our Underage Fun Races kicked off.

In the Leinster League, we generally don’t keep the results in the Underage Races, as these races are just for fun. But we do report on them when we have the results.

We had two Under 6s enjoy the short lap.

In the Under 8s, Bobby and Fiachra did well in the boys.

Aoibhín, Georgia and Noreen were on the Under 8 Girls Podium.

In the Under 10 Boys, Ben took the win. Tadhg was second. Logan was third. Josh battled Molly on track, on his way to fourth. Thomas was fifth.

In the Under 10 Girls, Molly was on the top step of the podium. Fiadh was second. Emma was third.


Entry for the Underage, and U12s was kindly covered by Louise, Dave and Fionn from Joe Daly Cycles, Dundrum, Dublin 16.. Joe Daly’s, in addition to excellent Workshop Servicing, stock all manner of Cycling equipment, including Trek, Scott and Frog bikes. If you’re in need of advice, maintenance or products, please consider Joe Daly Cycles.


Action from the Underage Races. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


Under 10 Girls
 1  Molly Turner         Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 2  Fiadh Craig          VC Glendale
 3  Emma Walsh           Carlow RCC

Under 10 Boys
 1  Benjamin Cunningham  Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 2  Tadhg Connolly       Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 3  Logan McAreavey      Cuchulainn CC
 4  Josh Turner          Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 5  Thomas Cody          Un-Attached Leinster

Under 8 Boys
 1  Aoibhín Donohoe      Un-Attached Leinster
 2  Georgia Doggett      Un-Attached Leinster
 3  Noreen Cody          Un-Attached Leinster 

Under 8 Boys
 1  Bobby Campbell       Pinergy Orwell Wheelers
 2  Fiachra Connolly     Pinergy Orwell Wheelers



At 13:00 our A-Racers were unleashed.

It was immediately a case of “Moore to the Fore”, as Darnell went tape-to-tape when taking the win. It was Darnell’s third outing of the season. He’s already racked up a win in Falls Park and a sixth in Clonmel C2 (basically second Ireland rider). Kevin McCambridge (Trinity Racing) had Tadgh Killeen (Kilcullen CC Murphy Geospacial) for company. Kevin dropped the hammer on Lap five to dispatch Tadgh. Tadgh had enough in the tank to hold on for third. This result moves Tadgh up to second in the Leinster League. In the remaining two races, Tadgh can win the Leinster League with a second place and a third place. Glenn Kinning (Kinnings Cycles) is starting to show some of his mega form from last season, as he finished fourth, and Unplaced M40. Javan Nulty was fifth, and took the Leinster League Lead. Kevin Keane (St. Tiernans) was sixth. He had a great battle with Javan for the opening five laps, but the difference was made in the final two laps, when Javan pulled the gap out. Ray O’Shaughnessy (Cuchulainn CC), for his finishing position, seventh, had a slow start. His first lap was his slowest, as he made his way through the traffic. Killian O’Brien (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) started his CX season with an eighth place and won the Unplaced Junior Prize. Ian O’Connell (Team WORC) had his best result of the season with a ninth place. Drew McKinnley (Newry Wheelers) rounded out the Top 10. Drew started much faster than last week in Navan, where he overtook 20 riders. Frank McDermott (Oldcastle CC) had a solo day riding to eleventh. Behind Frank was a large bunch of riders, it was Eoin Ahern (Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) who finished at the head of the pack. Colm McGarvey (EPIC MTB/Expert Cycles) was thirteenth and Unplaced M50. Johnny McCabe (Cuchulainn CC) was the Unplaced M60 in seventeenth.


The A-Race prize pool was kindly sponsored by Aidan Hammond from Bike Fitting Ireland/Aidan Hammond, Kilmacanogue, Wicklow. There was a €20 off Voucher for a Bike Fit by Aidan, at sign-on. Aidan also offers Club Days, where he can travel to bike fit a number of club mates. If you have an upcoming goal for 2024, Aidan can advise you on a training plan, as he is a Level 3 Cycling Coach.


A-Race Podium. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


 1  Darnell Moore          Team Caldwell Cycles            Senior
 2  Kevin McCambridge      TRINITY RACING                  Senior
 3  Tadhg Killeen          Kilcullen CC Murphy Geospacial  U23
 4  Glenn Kinning          Kinning Cycles Cycling Club     M40
 5  Javan Nulty            Un-Attached Leinster            Senior
 6  Kevin Keane            St Tiernans Cycling Club        M40
 7  Raymond O'Shaughnessy  Cuchulainn CC                   M40
 8  Killian O'Brien        Pinergy Orwell Wheelers         Junior
 9  Ian O'Connell          Team WORC                       Senior
10  Drew McKinley          Newry Wheelers CC               M40


A-Race Unplaced Podium. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).



At 14:15, the B-Race got underway.

Eamonn Potter (Dublin Wheelers) put on an excellent display on his way to the win. Eamonn has been there or thereabouts this season, with a fourth place in the opening round, hosted by EPIC MTB. Stanislav Baca (Velo Club Balrothery) finished second. Stan had a lot of work to do after lap one. His lap times matched Eamonn’s on laps two, three and four. There were three men seriously in contention for third place. It was Sean Ward (Lucan CRC) who had the pace to distance the duo of Luke Kehoe (Lucan CRC) and Michael O’Reilly (EPIC MTB/Expert Cycles). Luke held off Michael for fourth. Michael took fifth and the Unplaced Master Prize. The Orwell pair of Harry Rochford and Cesar Lopes finished sixth and seventh, respectively. Paul Rogers (Lucan Cycling Road Club) was eighth. Mark O'Shea (Un-Attached Leinster) took over the League lead with this ninth place result. Stephen O'Halloran (Moynalty Cycling Club) rounded out the Top 10.


The Prize Pool for the B-Race and the Youth Races was kindly sponsored by Rácheal Govan from by Footprints Early Learning PreSchools, Marrowbone Lane in Merchants Quay and Inchicore. Footprints Early Learning have Pre-School, After School and Camp services.


B-Race Podium. Courtesy of CycleRace Photos Ireland (John Hammer).


 1  Eamonn Potter       Dublin Wheelers          Senior
 2  Stanislav Baca      Velo Club Balrothery     M40
 3  Sean Ward           Lucan Cycling Road Club  Senior
 4  Luke Kehoe          Lucan Cycling Road Club  Junior
 5  Michael O'Reilly    EPIC MTB/Expert Cycles   M50
 6  Harry Rochford      Pinergy Orwell Wheelers  Senior
 7  Cesar Lopes         Pinergy Orwell Wheelers  Senior
 8  Paul Rogers         Lucan Cycling Road Club  M50
 9  Mark O'Shea         Un-Attached Leinster     M40
10  Stephen O'Halloran  Moynalty Cycling Club    M40



During the day, I tactically employed a twin turtleneck apparel strategy. This in combination with a jacket, hat, scarf and gloves, kept me toasty throughout the day. Lorna on the other hand, couldn’t wear gloves, as she was taking the Manual Lap Order Recorder, aka Writing the Numbers. In the car on the way home, I was under pressure, Lorna had the heater cranked to 24 degrees to get the feeling back in her hands. It was basically a sauna, my twin turtleneck apparel strategy had backfired.

Thank you everyone for attending and supporting our CX Race.



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Belgian Project: A visit to Co-Louth for the “Orwell Wheelers CX” as part of the Leinster CX League (rd 4) at the Mc Crystal Cycling Track in Jenkinstown past Saturday (4th Nov) Here the results and some photo’s we took of this brillant, and mostly dry event.