Our fantastic Leisure and Pathways Committees have organised a refresher training night for new and existing leaders!


When: Wednesday 6th Nov from 19:00 until 21:00 ((Tea / Sandwiches on arrival from 6.30))

Where: The Goat Grill, Clonskeagh (Google Map link)


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More details on why you should attend and what the evening will include:


Why be an Orwell cycle leader?

  • It’s Great Fun!
  • As a member you understand the importance of safe leadership
  • You’ll be part of a team
  • You can give something back to your club

…and many more reasons


Who is this evening for?

  • It’s refresher for all the leaders who have signed up to lead the winter spins
  • An introduction to leading spins for existing and new members
  • Members who, with the proper training and support will go on to lead


The workshop will include topics such as:

  • What’s expected of a leader
  • Leading a spin
  • The start of the spin
  • During the spin
  • Giving feedback to fellow cyclists
  • Spins and routes this winter
  • Situations that arise during a spin and how to deal with them
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Listening to your experiences as leaders/members


The panel will include representatives from:

  • The spin leaders
  • Pathways Course
  • Route and dispatch organisers (RWGPS)
  • Aidan Hammond Cycling Coach


Hope to see you all there!