Ian Richardson takes the overall and Noel Hammond trophy from UCD clubmate Greg Swinand, while Orwell's Fionn Sheridan goes home with Kieran Hammond trophy.

Noel Hammond Memorial (A1/2) 

1 Ian Richardson (UCD) 45’22”
2 Greg Swinand (UCD) 46’33”
3 John Lynch (Murphy Surveyors) 48’53”
4 Pat O’Brien (Orwell Wheelers) 50’54”
5 Ben Delaney (SDCC) 50’54”
6 Richard McDonough (Murphy Surveyors) 51’06”

Top A2s

1 Richard McDonough (Murphy Surveyors) 51’06”
2 Cathal Johnston (SDCC) 52’44”
3 Brendan Hessman (u/a) 53’12”

Kieran Hammond Memorial (A3s)

1 Fionn Sheridan (Orwell Wheelers) 51’42”
2 Phillip Brown (Usher IRC) 52’21”
3 Mark Murphy (Bray Wheelers) 52’34”
4 Gavin Haberlin (UCD) 52’52”
5 Paul Coffey (Blanch Wheelies) 52’52”
6 Liam Rowsome (Orwell Wheelers) 53’06”

Top A4s

1 Derick Evans (SERC) 53’45”
2 Paul English (Bohermeen CC) 56’21”
3 Marcin Wrobel (ThinkBike) 59’42”

Top Juniors 

1 Barry Talt (Murphy Surveyors)      57’12”
2 Sam Gilmore (Bray Wheelers) 1h 00’12”

Top Women

1 Orla Hendron (Orwell Wheelers) 1h 01’49”
2 Ann Horan (Orwell Wheelers) 1h 02’53”
3 Rachael Kaye-Mellor (Orwell Wheelers) 1h 22’30”


L-R: overall winner Ian Richardson, club president Dave Tansey, and top A3 Fionn Sheridan

Times for all finishers:

1st Ian Richardson (UCD) 45'32" A1
2nd Greg Swinand (UCD) 46'33" A1
3rd John Lynch (Murphy Surveyors) 48'53 A1
4th Pat O'Brien (Orwell) 50'54" A1
5th Ben Delaney (South Dublin CC) 50'54" A1
6th Richard McDonough (Murphy Surveyors) 51'06" A2
7th Fionn Sheridan (Orwell) 51'42" A3
8th Phillip Browne (Usher IRC) 52'21" A3
9th Mark Murphy (Bray) 52'34" A3
10th Cathal Johnston (South Dublin CC) 52'44" A2
11th Gavin Haberlin (UCD) 52'52" A3
12th Paul Coffey (Blanch Wheelers) 52'52" A3
13th Liam Rowsome (Orwell) 53'06" A3
14th Brendan Hessman (U/A) 53'12" A2
15th Derrick Evans (SERC) 53'45" A4
16th David Swift (Orwell) 53'59" A3
17th Ronan McDonnell (Dublin Wheelers) 55'58" A3
18th Paul English (Bohermeen) 56'21" A4
19th Barry Talt (Murphy Surveyors) 57'12" J
20th Marcin Wrobel (Thinkbike) 59'42" A4
21st Sam Gilmore (Bray) 1'00'12" J
22nd Seamus Nolan (Orwell) 1'00'26" A4
23rd Orla Hendron (Orwell) 1'01'49" W
24th Vincent Price (Bray) 1'01'52" A4
25th Joseph Kelly (Naas) 1'02'09" A3
26th Ann Horan (Orwell) 1'02'53" W
27th Laurence Foley (Lucan) 1'07'54" A3
28th Paul Murphy (U/A) 1'15'45" A3
29th Rachael Kaye-Mellor (Orwell) 1'22'30" W