Noel and Kieran Hammond Memorials

Run as a road race for several years, it reverted to its original time trial format in 2013.

There are two trophies awarded each year - the Kieran Hammond cup and the Noel Hammond cup.

The Kieran Hammond memorial trophy was formerly the Kelly-Roche junior classic, organised by Kieran until his unfortunately premature passing. It used to get huge fields in the 90s, and only become the Vets and Cs prize when after years of steady decline we had a year that no Juniors showed up. It has always been an ambition to make it the Junior prize again, but 2015 was the first year we felt confident we'd get the numbers to do that.

The team prize was also resurrected in 2015 as another little nod to history, and lies in the origin of the Noel Hammond memorial trophy. In its very first incarnation in the 1930s it was known as the Rudge Whitworth 50, and was awarded in the 30s and 40s for the winners of a team 50 mile time trial (not the same as a 50 mile team time trial!), where teams of 6 were invited to compete and the best 4 times counted.


Rudge Whitworth Trophy

1950	Kit O'Rourke	Loraine           2h  5m 35s
1951	Dave Keeler	Birmingham        2h  5m 32s
1952	Shay Elliott	Dublin Wheelers   2h  8m 04s
1953	Derek Quinn	Dublin Wheelers   2h 10m 40s
1954	Derek Quinn	Dublin Wheelers   2h  6m 04s
1955	Brendan Duncan	IRC
1959	Christy Kimmage	Dublin Wheelers   2h  6m 23s
1960	Mick Manley	Dublin Wheelers   2h  6m 55s
1961	John Lackey	Taillteann        2h  3m 39s
1963	Paddy Davis	Loraine 
1964	Terry Colbert	Taillteann
1965	Gerry Clinton	Eagle
1966	Terry Colbert	Taillteann
1967	Jimmy Clarke	Bray Wheelers
1968	Liam Toolan	Emerald
1969	Tony Lally	Obelisk
1970	Tony Kelly	IRC
1971	Brian Farrelly	Emerald
1972	Peter Doyle	Bray Wheelers
1973	Peter Doyle	Bray Wheelers
1974	Tony Ryan	Carrick Wheelers
1975	Pat McQuaid	Emerald
1976	Sean Lally	Obelisk
1977	Colm Nulty	Taillteann
1978	Tony Lally	Obelisk
1979	Tony Lally	Obelisk
1980	Alan McCormack	Eagle
1981	Tony Lally	Kalkhoff
1982	Alan McCormack	Eagle


Noel Hammond Memorial

1983	Aidan Harrison		Fingal 
1984	Ciaran McKenna		Kalkhoff CC
1985	John Brady		Carrick Wheelers
1986	John Shortt		Lusk CC
1987	Jim McQuaid		Carlsberg Emerald
1988	Mick Walsh		Emerald CRC
1989	Stephen Nevin		Emerald
1990	Kevin Kimmage		Balbriggan CC 
1991	Philip Cassidy		Avonmore
1992	Robert Power		Cidona Carrick
1993	Fionan O'Sullivan	Lee Strand
1994	Daragh McQuaid		Diamond Back
1995	Paul McQuaid		Diamond Back
1996	Tommy Evans		Banbridge
1997	Raymond Clarke		Premier CC
1998	Kieran MacMahon		Limerick
1999	Philip Cassidy		Navan Avonmore
2000	Brian Lennon		St. Tiernan's
2001	Philip Cassidy		Cycleways
2002	Paul Healion		Usher IRC
2003	Denis Easton		Total Cycling/Lindsay Ford
2004	Philip Cassidy		Cycleways Lee Strand
2005	Philip Cassidy
2006	Neill Delahaye		Usher IRC
2007	Adam Armstrong		Northern CC 
2008	Ryan Connor		Pezula 
2009	Scott McDonald		Winning Solutions
2010	Paul Griffin		Earl of Desmond Tralee
2011	Neill Delahaye		DID Dunboyne
2012	Philip Lavery		Node 4 Giordana
2013	Eoin Morton		UCD
2014	Ian Richardson		UCD
2015	Ian Richardson		UCD
2016 Sean McKenna Aqua Blue
2017 Ian Richardson UCD FitzCycles
2018 Conn McDunphy Holdsworth Racing


Kelly-Roche Cup

1987	John Blackwell	Killarney
1988	Andrew Callan	Shimna Wheelers
1989	Peter Daly	Kilkenny CC
1990	Jim Burke	Cidona CC
1991	Eugene Moriarty	Listowel CC
1992	Eugene Moriarty	Listowel CC
1994	Barry Whelan 	Navan
1997	Mark Scanlon	Sligo CC
1998	Mark Scanlon	Sligo CC
2000	Ryan Patton	Clarke Contracts CC
2001	Tim Cassidy	Usher IRC
2002	Terry Ferris	Dublin Wheelers
2003	Bryan Keane	Dublin Wheelers


Kieran Hammond Memorial

2004	Ciaran Kelly		Irish Road Club
2005	Simon Williams		Orchard CC
2006	Stephen Halpin		Swords CC
2007	Andre Engemann		St. Tiernans 
2008	Mark Heneghan		South Dublin CC
2009	Stephen McNally		Orwell Wheelers 
2010	Greg Dempsey		Barrow Wheelers
2011	John McCormack		Lucan CRC
2012	Aaron O'Donoghue	South Dublin CC 
2013	Gavin Haberlin		UCD
2014	Fionn Sheridan		Orwell Wheelers
2015	Conor Murnane		Orwell Wheelers
2016 Eoin Byrne Orwell Wheelers
2017 Seán Murnane Scott-Orwell Wheelers
2018 Dmitri Griffin Scott-Orwell Wheelers


Congratulations to Ian Richardson of UCD on a successful defence of his Noel Hammond trophy, while Conor Murnane walked away with the Kieran Hammond trophy. Placings below, full times to follow.

Updated with full senior and youth times, and photos.

Orwell Wheelers are pleased to announce the holding of the Noel and Kieran Hammond Memorial TT event for 2015, happening on Saturday 20th June. All details below!

Ian Richardson takes the overall and Noel Hammond trophy from UCD clubmate Greg Swinand, while Orwell's Fionn Sheridan goes home with Kieran Hammond trophy.

Next Sunday sees the club's first open racing event of the year, the Noel and Kieran Hammond Memorials, run as a TT for the second time in succession.

The club will be running a 32.5km TT on Saturday September 14th as the Hammond Memorial event this year. Details below...