Stephen Roche GP

The Stephen Roche GP is Ireland's most prestigious criterium race, running annually since 1988. The challenging but spectator-friendly circuit invariably produces great racing action for the crowd lining the roadsides and congregated in the central green area.The 1.3km loop is located in the housing estate where no less than three of the Roche family took their first tentative pedal strokes on the road to Tour de France glory.


Winners - Men's Race

1995	Scott McDonald		Orwell Wheelers
1996	Aidan Duff		Bray Wheelers
1997	Stephen O'Sullivan	Coors 
1998	Aidan Duff		Bray Wheelers
1999	S. Whelan		Swords
2000	Paul Healion		Usher IRC
2001	Ray Clarke		Classic Walls
2002	Graham Thomas		Finglas Ravens 
2003	Brian Ahern		Naas Fig rolls
2004	Colm Bracken		DHL Walls Cycles
2005	Paul Healion		Bio Agrico
2006	Morgan Fox		Murphy and Gunn/Newlyn group
2007	Philip Lavery		Usher IRC
2008	Nicolas Roche		Credit Agricole
2009	Paul Healion		South Dublin CC
2010	Mike Reddan		South Dublin CC
2011	Felix English		Science in Sport
2012	Philip Lavery		Node 4 Giordana
2013	Con Collis		UCD
2014	James Davenport 	South Dublin CC
2015	Jake Gray
2016	Mark Dowling		ASEA Wheelworx
2017	Philip Lavery		Unattached
2018	Alexis Roche		Côtes d'Armor
2019 Mark Dowling U/A


Winners - Women's Race

2015	Fiona Meade		Fearless Femme
2016	Susie Mitchell		Sundrive Track Team
2017	Fiona Guihen		Black Rose Racing
2018	Lydia Boylan		WNT-Rotor
2019 Maura Claffey UCD


Scott-Orwell Wheelers are pleased to announce the 2017 edition of, Ireland's most prestigious Criterium Race, the Stephen Roche GP. It's a little extra special this year as it's thirty years on from Stephen Roche's Triple Crown.

We've a full report for the night, with videos for all race finishes inside. If you missed the exciting action, or just want to relive it, have a read!

Results below from the Stephen Roche GP, in association with Dundrum Town Centre and Lisney. Congratulations to our senior winners Susie Mitchell and Mark Dowling!

Ireland's largest cycling club, Orwell Wheelers are proud to present the Stephen Roche GP in association with Dundrum Town Centre as part of the Dundrum Festival 2016.

The 2015 edition of the Stephen Roche GP saw Fiona Meade and Jake Gray take the senior races, with victories in the youth races for Lucy O'Donnell, Will Ryan and Liam Curley.