The 2017 Orwell AGM took place in Ballinteer Community School on Monday October 23rd 2017. This is a summary of the meeting; Committee Members Reports, New Committee and the Motions Discussed.


Turnout: 40/678 = 6%

The outgoing committee were thanked for their work throughout the year, as they were discharged.


Committee Member Reports

President's Message

Outgoing president, Denis Gleeson, talked about the state of the club under his three years of stewardship, updated Constitution and search for a clubhouse. He talked about the status of the Scott sponsorship deal and club vehicles.

Treasurer's Report

Outgoing Treasurer, Mark, gave an update summarised club's financial position.

Other Committee Reports

The Committee Member Reports in full are attached to this Forum Post in the 2017 Club AGM - Monday 23rd October thread.


Newly Elected Committee

President: Paul Tansey (replacing Denis Gleeson)

Vice-president: Gillian Baker (replacing Damien Long)

Event Secretary: Brian McArdle (replacing Fergal O'Sullivan)

Treasurer: Yvonne Doran (replacing Mark Mulcahy)

Membership Secretary: Fergal O’Sullivan (Uncoupling role from Event Secretary, role was amalgamated in the 2016 AGM)

Public Relations Officer (PRO): Vacant (replacing Luke Potter)

Leisure Rep: Leonard Kaye

Men's Racing Rep: Stephen O'Shea

Women's Racing Rep: Orla Hendron

Women's Rep: Rachel McCluskey (replacing Orla Walsh and Monica Frieband)

Youth Rep: Jen Sheridan

Junior Rep: Dave McLoughlin

Track Rep: David Swift (replacing Eddie Lynch)

Social Rep: Colm Featherstone (replacing Ann Horan)

Child Protection Officer (CPO): Dave Murnane

Club Kit Rep: Michael Hanley

Club Car Rep: Vacant (replacing Eddie Lynch)

Sponsorship Coordinator: Vacant

Club League Reps:

  • Eddy Lane
  • Damien Long
  • Jen Sheridan
  • Paul Tansey
  • David Hendron
  • Dick O’Brien (Marshalling)
  • Brian McArdle (Results)
  • Dave Mc (Time Trials)



The following motions were discussed:


Free Club membership for President and Treasurer.

Propose that the President and Treasurer of the Club are given free membership for the duration of their time in office in recognition of the extra level of responsibility which is a feature of the roles.

This was approved.

The discussion also involved that other committee members would be provided the same free club membership over the coming years. The free club membership would not include Club League Fees or Cycling Ireland membership.


That the Club would twin with Otley cycling club.

This was passed, with the committee to work with the proposers to determine what “twinning” actually would entail.

The medium length discussion centered around the decision to suspend membership, until new riders attended an introductory course. The initial proposal would see the possibility of Otley members being invited for a spin in 2018, to be worked with the committee.


Club Events Marshal Roster

This was withdrawn, with the suggestion to be reworked with the committee.

A lengthy discussion ensued, where the idea of how to involve the members who have not contributed to the club’s events could get involved. The aim of the motion was to highlight that it is the same group of people contributing and that this should be expanded to include more members.


Remove point 1.2 from the constitution.

This was withdrawn, to be reworked before being put to the AGM next year.

It was a short discussion. It was not a pressing issue, as we still have a guaranteed one year to run on the Scott sponsorship deal.


Remove part of section 2.9 from the constitution

This was approved.

A very short discussion.


Add a new section 2.10 to the constitution.

This was approved.

A very short discussion.


As a result of the motions being approved, the updated Club Constitution can be found on our About page.


Any Other Business (AOB)

The following items were scheduled to be discussed.

  • The “Suspension of new members until mid-2018” motion was withdrawn, after the new plan to intake members in January pending a cycling course.

  • The “Cycling Ireland AGM” motion was highlighted by Fergal O’Sullivan that we should plan out votes and send a delegation.


The following items arose during the course of the meeting.

  • Denis Gleeson and Dave Tansey to continue relationship with Scott Sponsor.

  • Denis Gleeson to continue relationship with room booking for Ballinteer Community School.

  • Vacant committee roles should publish a description of the role to attract a new person to take up the role.

  • Paul Tansey highlighted that 2018 was the 70th anniversary of Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club. For the 60th anniversary, the club had a gala dinner.

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