Last week Ireland's Premier Road Race for women took place in the stunning backdrop of Co. Kilkenny. Scott Orwell Wheelers not only had racers in the event our members were also heavily involved in helping, organising and providing support to visiting International Teams. Thanks to Stephen O'Shea for passing on this lovely message of thanks from Ras na mBan to share with our members.

The photo below by Lorraine O'Sullivan is of some of the Scott Orwell Wheelers who were either helping or racing last week - missing from the photo are Declan Quigley and Lara Gillespie. 

From Left: Stephen O'Shea, Gen Sheridan, Yvonne Doran, Arron Fox, Orla Hendron, Dr Lucy Soden, Barry Redmond

For a daily run down on how our riders got on at Rás na mBan check out this thread on the club forum: Rás na mBan 2019


Hi Stephen

On behalf of everyone at Rás na mBan, I'd love for you to pass on our thanks to all at Scott Orwell Wheelers for the huge contribution the club made to the success of the 2019 Rás na mBan.

Without the help of the many Scott Orwell club members who make up a significant proportion of the race crew, the race would not be anywhere near the well-oiled machine it (hopefully) is.

In addition we are hugely grateful for the use of the Scott Orwell vehicles, van and car. The van was an essential part of the race fleet, allowing us to transport riders and equipment we would otherwise have struggled to accommodate. The use of your team car was vital to securing the participation of the Slovak National Team, an important addition to the race and also an addition to the race from which we hope to able to grow the international aspect of the race in future.

And not forgetting the Scott Orwell riders, without whom no edition of Rás na mBan would be complete. Lara's podium on Saturday night was certainly one of the highlights of the race for fans of Irish women's racing.

Thanks a million to you all.
All the best,


Ronan Fox,
Deputy Race Director,
Rás na mBan.