Covid-19 – Le Parcoύrs.

A message to all our members from the committee

We have now entered Phase 2 in the easing of lockdown conditions we have all experienced since the middle of March. As a club Orwell suspended all club activities in line with Government and Cycling Ireland recommendations over the last 3 months and we very much appreciate the effort and commitment members have demonstrated throughout this time. This position continues throughout phase 2 in line with Cycling Ireland guidance which states that ‘Club training protocol will be advised in Phase 3’. Reflecting this there will be no organised club activities during June pending publication of guidelines for Phase 3, which is not far away now  - due to start on June 29th.

We are now in the critical Phase 2 transition that will help establish a firm foundation for the anticipated resumption of Cycling Ireland and club activities in Phase 3. How we all safely transition from solo cycling back to small group cycling in a personal capacity in the coming weeks will be watched and assessed by the public and authorities, informing the scope of the lifting of Phase 3 restrictions.

We welcome the introduction of the 20k or within your county limit that has been introduced for individuals on solo cycling training spins.

Phase 2 also introduces the possibility of Small Group Training spins again within county or 20k from home undertaken in a personal capacity outside of the club setting. Where cyclists decide to take part in small group training in a personal capacity, we strongly endorse the following Cycling Ireland guidelines in the interests of personal and public health and safety.


Small Group Training – Cycling Ireland Guidelines

Group cycling permitted under government roadmap once compliant with social distancing and hygiene protocol. All cyclists need to assume personal responsibility for their own health and safety when deciding to train with others.

Maximum of 15 people in ROI, 6 in NI.

Within your county or within 20 kilometres of home. Continue to avoid unnecessary journeys

Covid-19 is a highly contagious and debilitating virus, and in some cases a fatal one. According to the WHO the virus may be transmitted by droplet or by air-borne transmission. All cyclists need to assume personal responsibility for their own health and safety and always consider the health and well-being of family, friends and society generally. Your reading and interpretation of, and behaviour consequent to, these guidelines should always be carefully informed by these considerations.

• Wash your hands regularly

• Follow good respiratory etiquette

• Adhere to social distancing requirements

• Avoid cycling in the slipstream of others

• Avoid close contact with others (shaking hands)

• Isolate if you feel unwell or experience symptoms

• Multiple small groups which seek to replicate team or group environments is contrary to the general advice.


Orwell Wheelers welcomes the clear guidance we have been provided by Government and Cycling Ireland and we ask all members to continue to honour the spirit and letter of these guidelines while still enjoying the physical and wellbeing benefits of cycling during these summer months on extended spins.

We are also returning to cycle in a very different environment and a lot has changed since we last cycled on the open roads. Motorists have become accustomed to driving on empty roads and will have to reacclimatise to observing and accommodating individual or small groups of cyclists. Pedestrians and joggers use the road & cycle paths to social distance from other people on footpaths and may step unexpectedly in front of you. The need to social distance while cycling results in cyclists overtaking very widely, is an additional factor to consider at traffic lights and junctions and a distraction for less experienced cyclists who now have another factor to think about. Cycling has grown in popularity during the lockdown and as a result there are many more inexperienced cyclists on the road with less developed skills.

Watch out for each other on the road, give a wave and shout as we pass each other at safe social distance.

Le Parcoύrs se poursuit – the course continues, we look forward to the next stage.


Louise Keane, Club President

On behalf of Quanta-Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club Committee



Link to Cycling Ireland Statement on Phase 2:

Cycling Ireland Updated Roadmap for Reopening Cycling: – Return to Sport Expert Group: