Covid-19 Christmas Restrictions Update (22-12-20)

The Government has introduced revised restrictions that come into effect from midnight December 26th. These replace the guidelines that had already been communicated for the Christmas period this year.

The new guidelines are as follows:

Participation in outdoor sports training is allowed however there are a number of factors we need to keep in mind.

We are all being asked to:

· Plan ahead – think carefully when meeting up with others to participate in sport to ensure all hygiene and safety protocols are adhered to and that meeting points and routes are chosen to facilitate social distancing.

· Every contact counts – limit the number you meet. Think about pod size and consistency to limit contacts and do not mix or change groups during cycles or at coffee stops.

· Our normal club guideline is that a maximum of 12 people can cycle together in a group however during the pandemic this has been revised to 8 cyclists in a pod to help reduce the number of potential contacts during a training spin.

Members participating on club spins must have completed the Eventbrite Registration / Declaration. This is a mandatory step for everyone returning to sport agreed with Government by Sport and Cycling Ireland.

· When stopped everyone must adhere to the 2-meter rule, maintain social distance at all times, and follow proper hand and equipment hygiene. Stopped includes: meeting up before spins, punctures & mechanicals, coffee/food stops, photographs, end of spins.

· The current guidelines from Sport Ireland and Cycling Ireland state that there should be no sharing of equipment. This includes fixing punctures, tyre levers, pumps, holding each other’s bikes, etc. Where equipment sharing cannot be avoided then it must be sanitised before and after use. During the repair 2M social distance must be maintained.

· Remember to wear a mask in non-cycling situations, while stopped or entering a shop or café or in any close contact situation.

· Social events before, during, or after sport are prohibited.

· Only take away coffee stops permitted. Where a coffee/food stop is required on a long spin then strict social distancing must be maintained at all times.

- We have all been asked to remain within our county so cycling on training spins outside the Dublin County boundary is not permitted

- Cycling into Dublin County to join a training spin is not allowed

Club members over 70 years of age are advised to exercise judgment in engaging in group activities outside the home.

Many thanks to everyone in the club who supported the restrictions during 2020. As a club, we need to ensure that we maintain the focus and commitment that members have displayed to ensure that we continue to enjoy cycling in a safe and healthy manner. Everyone’s efforts to cycle safely in line with the letter and spirit of Government, Sport Ireland, and Cycling Ireland guidelines are very much appreciated.

The Covid-19 Committee