The 2012 AGM was convened in Milltown on Monday 15th October, with a healthy turnout of club members. It opened with the minutes of the 2011 AGM, and matters arising. The coaching plans implemented after last year's AGM worked with mixed success.

Dave Tansey then made the president's address. Morgan Sparrow's tragic passing was obviously a low point for the year, but the club enjoyed many highs also. Orwell entered an entirely home-grown team in the Rás, and two teams in the Rás na mBán, with representatives in the provincial and national squads. In the youth and junior sections, we have the U16 Road Race Champion, and had riders in the Junior Tour. He lauded the club's racing tradition, but spoke of how open Orwell is to the leisure and touring side of the sport, citing the Randonée as a great example of this.

He urged anyone who got something out of cycling, to give something back.

Secretary Dave McLoughlin told of the continuing rise in all aspects of club membership - ~320 members, with increased participation in club activities and races. Treasurer John Lanigan also had good news. With all income and outgoings perfectly and clearly presented for the AGM, the club had a small overall surplus for 2012. This will be retained as a cushion against the possibility of next year not being as fruitful, or sponsorship falling off.

The elections were up next, resulting in the following executive committee:

Chairman/President Dave Tansey
Membership Secretary Paraic Morrissey
Event Secretary Dave McLoughlin
Treasurer John Lanigan
PRO Brian McArdle
Club league reps Damien Long, Eddy Lane and Ciara Kinch
Leisure cycling rep Denis Gleeson
Youth rep Jeni Sheridan
Women's rep Aideen Collard
Track rep Eddie Lynch
Racing co-ordinators Diarmuid Collins, Mags Donnelly
Sponsorship co-ordinator Ian Mellor
Club kit co-ordinator John Twomey
Social co-ordinator Anne Dalton
Child protection officer Orla Hendron

We wish to extend our thanks to the outgoing members - Gary McNulty as CPO and John Marron as club league rep. Dave McLoughlin also stepped down from his role as Membership Secretary. All three have contributed enormously to the running of the club this year, and we are sorry to see them go. And we wish the new committee good luck for the coming year.

Next up was the hot topic of the new club kit for 2014. Traditionally with these decisions come heated discussion, arguments and haranguing, mobs with pitchforks and flaming torches, but those who brought popcorn were sorely disappointed. Daves T and Mc and John Lanigan graciously and alluring modelled the jerseys so everyone could see how they looked in practice. 'Curves' and 'Clean' got five and two votes respectively, and so 'Bands' won with an overwhelming majority. Details can be seen in the forum, with the jersey modelled by Dave Mc here. The design committee of Tom Blennerhassett, Aidan Collins and Charlotte McDonald are to be congratulated on their hard work over the last year. They were at pains to point out that the final kit will be tweaked slightly, with colours and exact specifications yet to be fixed. They are also soliciting suggestions for a suitable quote to be placed inside the collar, contact John Twomey if you have one.

Based on reports from Diarmuid and Mags, the coaching programs will be continued and expanded for 2013. The club will support those who want to gain formal coaching qualifications, and investigate the possibility of providing managers at open races to devise strategy and advise riders on tactics. John Marron also highlighted the success of many riders completing the Étape or the Marmotte, with some managing to do the double.

There was much discussion about the format of the inter-club league for 2013. With a meeting of the reps from each club happening in the near future, nothing is fixed of yet, though a motion for a deposit system to ensure marshalling slots are fulfilled was passed.

All in all, it was a successful AGM, reflecting the club's good year. We sincerely hope that the 2013 season repeats that good fortune, and the numbers turning out for the winter spins are a good sign of that! Meanwhile, we'd repeat the President's message - if you get something out of cycling, make sure to give something back!