Orwell Wheelers will be holding their annual membership night from 7pm-9pm on Monday 3rd of December, in Uncle Tom's Cabin, Dundrum. This is to allow riders to sign up for licences for the 2013 season, pay club and CI fees, have a sandwich and a cup of tea, and ask any questions of more experienced members.

All new members are encouraged to attend as it will give them the opportunity to be advised on what the most appropriate licence is for them. Joining will allow everyone to continue to participate in club activities, including Sunday spins, as Cycling Ireland (CI) insurance only permits three guest spins before an individual has to become a member of CI.

The fees table for the club is available to download from here, and all forms are on the membership page. If you are merely joining, the fee is €50. If you want do the club league, it's a total of €80 and a deposit of €50 (see below). Youth members are free as always. The club accepts cash and cheque, no credit/debit cards. If you're unsure of anything, feel free to ask on the night.

Additional to these is the CI fee, which is €15 for first time members, and from €25 upwards for renewing - see the table for details. Membership of CI entitles you to take part in certain events (depending on your licence), and gives you insurance on your bike covering personal accident, public liability and professional indemnity, as well as access to educational and social events and resources.

Cycling Ireland is asking all members to register online if possible. The club will receive an incentive if a large enough proportion of riders do this, and individuals who are renewing will be entered into a prize draw for €1000. See here for details, and go here if you are a new member, or here if you are renewing. CI accept credit/debit cards and payments via Paypal.

In advance of renewing your licence, you may wish to avail of a one category upgrade/downgrade. If you are A4, you can move up to A3 for the 2013 season, and likewise A3 to A2. Follow the instructions on the CI page.

Please note that if you are taking part in the club league this year, there is a new refundable charge for marshalling. All riders signing up for the league must pay a €50 deposit. If you cover your marshalling slots, this will be refunded to you at the end of the league. If you don't turn up, the deposit will be kept as a penalty. We have tried naming and shaming non-showers, banning them from racing, but nothing has been effective. We recognise that times might be tough for some, but €50 is a fraction of the cost of the average road bike, and the money will be returned if you cover your marshalling slots. This motion was approved by the club members at the AGM.

Also, for anyone who ordered winter kit last month, the delivery of this kit is due to arrive by the end of the month. This gear will be handed out at the membership night. A further order for winter gear will also be taken on the night, so if you need anything or missed out on the previous order, now is your chance to get it.

We'll see you there!