The club is holding the annual Hamper Race out in Corkagh Park this Sunday 21st, kicking off from 11.00 with fun and games for all the family and every type of rider! Mince pies and mulled wine to follow in Brown's Barn.

Everyone is welcome - the 'race' in the title refer to fun events, for all the family! So bring the kids, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, everyone! Not everyone will be on the course at any one time, so make sure to wrap up warm if the day is cold, as you may end up spectating if you're out of the running early!

We'll be supplying food and drink on the day, but we're looking for people to bring prizes to be awarded or raffled. Spare bottles of wine, selection boxes and tins of chocolates would be among the usual fare. They'll be added to the trove alongside the hamper, which Dick is busy organising for the top finisher.

There'll also be a prize for the best-dressed, so bring your Santa costumes, your Christmas jumpers, and your mankinis if you dare.

If you can't make it to the Hamper Race, check out JT's bun run on the forum.

Ahead of Sunday, Dave Mc has organised a little competition, based on historical hamper races! Below are two clippings from newspapers (click through to see full size). If you can correctly guess which year each piece is from - and you must get both correctly - you'll get a ticket to the Limit group for next year's Club League!

There's a thread in the forum where you can submit your answers, or join in the discussion on the Facebook page! First correct answer in the forum wins!

Clipping 1: "not my idea of an enjoyable holiday"

Clipping 2: Noel O'Neill on top