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Joe Daly Cycles


Posting on the forum

While it's great to spread the word about relevant businesses or events, we have to be mindful of our advertisers and sponsors, and not give a channel to people to advertise for free to members.

With that in mind, we do welcome posts on the forum where a business is offering an discount specifically for Orwell members, or where the business is owned, run, or features heavy involvement by an Orwell member. If you post about an event or business which is of interest to you and you want to let others know about it, please follow these guidelines also.

The rules for these posts:

  • Please create only one thread
  • Please disclose any affiliations in the opening post.
  • You may reply to any questions or comments in the thread
  • Please do not artificially bump the thread to the top of most recent topics by replying to yourself, unless there is a major update, or a closing date is approaching

If you're unsure of anything, or if you wish to advertise your business more permanently or prominently on the website, please contact the committee.