J O'Callaghan

  • A Monstrous Day Out

    Loved and feared by many in equal measure, the Good Friday Monster has always been a serious challenge. 2018 brought an early Easter and some of the worst weather for years. Undaunted by all of this a hardy group set out on the 20th of March to conquer the beast. Read on to see who won in this tale of Cyclist V The Monster by James O'Callaghan

  • James & the Giant Audax!

    James O'Callaghan is a veteran of many long and testing cycles - audaxes, Marmottes and countless others but this summer he took on his biggest challenge to date in the form of the Mile Failte 1,200. Thanks to James for taking time to send a write up on the event and the preparation that went into it. We cant wait to see what he has lined up for 2019;)