• Something a Little Different?

    “This isn’t too bad, I must be pretty good at this stuff!” - I’d made it past The Deep Sink, supposedly the worst part of the route, and now the rocky gnarly path became muddy slippery. Just need to be in the moment, let my balance flow with the terrain. ‘OOF!’ I hear behind me, another casualty. Right then my own front and rear wheels have a disagreement, and I land on my side. Look back to see......... (read on to see what or WHO Kashif saw!!)

  • Vignettes from PBP

    In Villaines, the whole population is in the streets. “Huh, there seems to be a festival going on.” “YOU’re the festival, bozo!” I park the bike and run up the steps to get my card stamped. The crowd cheers and parts in front of me, the brevet card in my hand become the Olympic torch, carried across continents to the controller’s rubber stamp. Thanks to Kashif for these wonderful memories of PBP 2019