James O'Callaghan is a veteran of many long and testing cycles - audaxes, Marmottes and countless others but this summer he took on his biggest challenge to date in the form of the Mile Failte 1,200. Thanks to James for taking time to send a write up on the event and the preparation that went into it. We cant wait to see what he has lined up for 2019;)

4am, 175km in: At the one-stop, blink-and-you'll-miss-it village of Kilmacow, searching for our rest stop. No signs of light or life. Then suddenly, an inebriated madman standing in the middle of the road waving his arms wildly. Oh wait, that's Leonard, standing there since who knows when, to make sure we don't get lost. Serves him right for putting us up to this in the first place!

The World of the Audax is long distance cycling, the events go all year round and start at 200K. It is very much taking part rather than how quick, nobody really cares how long you took or how fast you might have gone. It is about the journey or completing the journey.

The Audax is also about touring, cycling to places you have never been, the route little more than an excuse to cycle a long way.

Last Summer, Joe did the 180km version of the Giants Causeway Sportive. But he missed the cutoff time to finish over Torr Head. As a result, Torr Head was a bit of "unfinished business". The Titanic Torr event this April seemed like an ideal solution – a 200km Audax, starting from Belfast, with Torr Head at about 95km.

A big Chapeau goes out to Danny: Two Randonneur Round the Year (RRTY) Awards and two Super Randonneur Awards.