Leisure Reports

"If you want to get a sense of one of European cycling’s finest races, of the real challenges that made cycling great, of what separates it from other sports, of what it truly means to ensure pain and suffering in the name of sport, you should watch the professionals do battle through the highways and byways of the Flandrian countryside...... It’s not an homage to the principals or principles of overbearing commercial teams. It’s a test of individual racing skills, of courage, of strength, of absolute heroism, of blind optimism, of faith, hope and doggedness."  Dave Fitz took on the legend that is The Tour of Flanders last Spring, read all about it here...

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves" - Confucius (kinda, but not really)

After the L’Etape du Tour, the remaining twenty-two Orwellians depart Moutier for Briançon, and try to get on TV when they were watching the Tour on the Galibier.

After not completing the Etape, Luke GJ Potter details his redemption arc, as he continues to seek the title of “Tropical Weather Ginger”.

The “Wolftrap Slieve Bloom Extreme Challenge” does exactly what it says on the tin!  Which is great because it’s not false advertising. On the other hand it kinda fools stupid people like me to think- “how extreme can it really be?!”

Read on for Sinead's account of what seems to be a date for the diary next year....

“To me, a fight is not a fight until there’s resistance. Until there’s something to overcome.” - Teddy Atlas

A band of twenty-five Orwellians decended (and ascended) on the Alps for L’Etape du Tour and a Raid. Luke GJ Potter recounts his adventures amid the heat wave, to discover if he is a “Tropical Weather Ginger”.

Why would any sane person spend a day of his summer holidays cycling 140 K with an ascent of 4400 metres in the middle of a roasting Italian summer. Halfway up the Passo de Giau the answer is startlingly obvious. No sane person would even dream of it. The gradient is 14 %, the sun is beating down, there is no breeze and there is no shade. Above you is wave after wave of switchbacks without seeming end. Below you...you do not care what is below you.  It is  then you realize that you are a little mad......