Skoda Octavia

Reg: 07 D 53996
Requests: Contact your racing/leisure rep as appropriate
Sponsors: Joe Daly Cycles, Scott Bicycles, and Felt Bicycles
Manager's duties: please let the manager know of any issues - damage, annoying rattles, tax or insurance issues, unclaimed property, etc.

The sponsors are covering the cost of leasing the car and Van, while the club must fund the running expenses of insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc.



There is a list of rules below, but the over-riding principle is that whoever takes the car is responsible for it, and should use it in a competnent and sensible manner. If that person hands over the car to someone else - e.g. during a stage race -they must make sure to note it in the logbook, or risk being held responsible for the costs or condition of the car.

Declan Quigley has also written a great guide on how to behave in a race cavalcade.


Mel Sutcliffe (Scott Bicycles), with Paul and David Tansey



  1. The Club car is available to drive by any Orwell Wheelers Member with a full license, aged between 25 and 75
  2. The person who collects the car is responsible for it – they must fill out the log book details when taking and returning the car, and also text the car manager when taking / returning.
  3. If there is a change of person responsible – the log book is to be updated to reflect this.
  4. The car is fitted with a TollTag – use the Express lane on Motorways, the tag will beep automatically.
  5. Any fines / penalty points accumulated are the responsibility of the person whose name is in the log book.
  6. The car is to be returned with a full tank of diesel. Fuel receipts can be recouped from the fuel fund - contact the club Treasurer.
  7. The car is returned in a clean condition, inside and out.
  8. Car-pooling is recommended to ensure best use of the car – if travelling to a race or event using the car ensure fellow members are aware the option of a lift is there.
  9. Central coordination of the car is through the Google Calendar – if you have a request to use the car get in touch with a Racing/Leisure/Track/Youth/Women’s Rep (contact details)
  10. Priority is given to club events, then to stage races. If there are multiple requests for the same day the priority will be discussed among club reps, overall priority decision by Club President, Treasurer and Secretary.
  11. The car is an advertisement for both Orwell Wheelers and the car's sponsors, please ensure both are respected when using the car.
  12. On returning the car, please fill out the logbook and ensure it is clean and with a full tank.


  • Car cleaned outside ?
  • Car leaned inside ?
  • Diesel tank filled ?
  • Logbook filled in and signed by driver

Car Bookings

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