Please remember we are a volunteer-run club, not a shop. The Kit Rep gives his/her time voluntarily and is not being paid, nor is the club making a profit on kit.

The kit is stored in Joe Daly Cycles shop. Joe Daly's do this as a favour to us - the staff there do not sell kit nor do they manage orders for us. Contacting the shop to ask about kit is a waste of your time and theirs, as is trying to buy kit on a Saturday. Do not spoil the club's relationship with the shop, as we are very grateful to have it. All queries should be directed to the Kit Rep.

Kit designs

In 2013 the club kit was redesigned, and following a meeting of members the style was approved and new gear ordered. It will take its place alongside the range below from 1948.

Orwell jerseys through the years
Many editions of the Orwell jersey (Photo courtesy of Dave Tansey)

It was agreed that, subject to sponsorship agreements, there would be no major changes to the design for at least three years.

Ordering Kit

Kit is ordered in batches, with long lead-in times due to the custom nature of our designs. There is some bought for stock, but generally you will find you have to order kit a couple of months in advance.

There are 2 or 3 club kit nights during the year when kit can be tried on and bought - watch the forum for dates.

Apart from these nights gear can be bought any time during the year, subject to availability, from Joe Daly’s – that’s him in the picture above – in Dundrum. We ask that you please do not go in on a Saturday as that is their busiest day and they are offering the gear as a courtesy to us and don’t make any money out of it. And please note that payment can only be in cash (cheque on a kit night at kit rep's discretion), no debit or credit cards.

We offer Winter Gear, Summer Gear, Skinsuits and Accessories with further details below. Occasionally items such as Leisure wear, Beanies or Decals will be ordered.

The tables below show the latest prices and size availability, but they cannot be guaranteed. Note the club does not make money on the gear and these are the prices paid to the supplier, rounded slightly. We usually have plenty of the accessories in stock, in various sizes.

If you have any questions on anything to do with club gear please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

S/S = Short Sleeve, L/S = Long Sleeve
Figures from  20 March 2015

There is a sizing chart at the bottom of the page

Summer Gear

From  8th July 2016



S/S Jersey Men's Race
 3  1  2      2       €75 
S/S Jersey Men's Fondo     2 1             €50
S/S Jersey Women's Race 3 5 11 2 5   1       €75
S/S Jersey Women's Fondo                     €50
Gilet     1             €75
Shorts - Men's Race 2 15 1 1  4       €80
Shorts - Men's Fondo     2 1 1 1 2       €50
Shorts - Women's Race 1 3 3           €80
Shorts - Women's Fondo   1 3 1             €50


Three handsome gents modelling the new kit in Tenerife


Winter Gear

 From 8th July 2016

  2XS XS  S  M  L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL  
Winter Jacket  1  1  3   2 3 1     1 €130
L/S Jersey Men     5  3  1   1         €70
L/S Jersey Women   1 2 6 4 1         €70
Hydra       1             €140
Rain cape       1   1         €60 
Bib Tights - Male      1       1 1       €75
Bib Tights - Female    3  2 2 3       €75



From 1st December 2015

Winter gloves 1 (s) €35
Winter Overshoes 4 (m/xl)
Legwarmers 28 (s/xxl) €30
Armwarmers 1 (m) €20
Summer gloves 7 (s/xl)
Summer Overshoes 0 €25
Caps 69 €10
Socks 33 €10
Buffs 25 €5
Bidons (bottles) 2 sizes
 lots €5




From 8th July 2016

  2XS XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL Price
S/S Skinsuits Men     1    1             €100
L/S Skinsuits Men    1 2 4 1           €110
S/S Skinsuits Women                      
L/S Skinsuits Women    1                 €110 



Brian McArdle competing in the 2013 Hill Climb Champs wearing the L/S skinsuit

Casual Kit


Comfort pants

Cotton hoodie

Men's polo shirt

Women's polo shirt

Reversible beanies

Showerproof jacket

Unisex technical tee - black

Keeping your kit clean

Tom Blennerhassett, one of the designers of the current kit, offers this advice for keeping your whites white...

  "As soon as you get home from a long pleasant morning, moaning about other people's lack of mudguards, get your gear off and in the sink, cover it with cool water and a blob of detergent - I'm told one with oxygen bleach like Vanish works well or even dishwasher powder but haven't tried it, normal liquid clothes detergent worked fine for me. Let it soak while you do the same. The longer the better. Overnight even. Then machine wash it on a 300 cycle. Drip dry.

  "Don't let your dirty kit sit in the hamper for a week. It'll set.

  "Don't soak it hot water or try to use the boil wash on the machine, you'll only cook the grime in and wreck the elastane. Boiling only works for cotton or linen".

Eddie Lynch shows how not to start

Spin 11 also recommend not washing anything with velcro with your lycra, as it causes the lycra material to ball up. Instead, wash them separately, or seal them in a mesh bag to protect the rest of your kit.

Rewaterproofing your Hydra

If you got one of the limited edition Gabba-clones, you can reactivate the microfibres for waterproofness. Simply place the Hydra into the Tumble Dryer for 30mins at 30°C or 40°C and the fibres will activate again. Do this after every 25 washes.images/docs/2014/leisure/

Sizing Chart

Click through for bigger images.


Kit Crash Replacement

Orwell are introducing a new policy, to help offset what can be an expensive part of cycling - crashing. From the start of the 2016 season (01-11-2016), if you come down during an event or club winter spin, you can avail of a 50% discount on replacement kit. Conditions are outlined below.

This is a new step for the club, and we expect members to act in good conscience when it comes to taking advantage of the discount. During the first year of its operation, the committee reserve the right to end the policy if they feel it is being abused by any member, or to change the conditions at any time. The fund for kit replacement will be capped at a figure of the committee’s choosing.

The committee may also expand it in future, depending on budget and uptake.

1 This policy is designed to compensate regular, active members of the club. The following conditions must be satisfied by the member at the time of the crash:

1.1 Riders must be a current Orwell member with fees paid in full.
1.2 The member must be known to the committee, or vouched for.
1.3 Members should be regularly seen at races or events in Orwell colours.
1.4 Members must be in good standing with the club and committee.

2 The crash must occur during an endorsed event, which include:

2.1 A CI or UCI endorsed race.
2.2 A CI or UCI endorsed leisure event.
2.3 A club organised event, including the regular winter Sunday spins.
2.3.1 Members are covered during spins, or from when the spin leaves its meeting point until the group disperses (there are less than 3 people).
2.4 Other events as the committee sees fit.
2.5 Not included are Informal spins among members.

3.1 Members are eligible for one crash only per calendar year.
3.2 If more than one item is damaged in a single crash, they are all valid for replacement

4.1 The discount is limited to jerseys, shorts and skinsuits.
4.2 Discount can only be used on the same type of kit - e.g. you cannot shred a jersey, and use the discount on a skinsuit.

5.1 The crashed kit must be the current design - you cannot trade old design for new.
5.2 Dave T can't use it to replace old style kit from the shop.

6.1 Damage must be irreparable - a small tear in an unobtrusive spot will not warrant a discount.
6.2 Kit should be submitted to the committee for inspection at the next (usually monthly) meeting, along with the details of the crash.

7.1 If all the conditions are satisfied, members can avail of a 50% discount on a replacement kit.
7.2 Members must pay in full, and will then be reimbursed.
7.3 Replacement is subject to stock levels and availability.

8 The committee's decision is final.

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