Orwell gathering for a Sunday spin

If you would like to cycle with our club on a regular basis, you will be required to join Scott-Orwell Wheelers and apply for Cycling Ireland membership after your first three spins. This is to ensure that all riders have insurance cover from a 3rd party viewpoint.

New Members

The Summer membership is now open for new members. For the Summer season we meet at Joe Daly Cycles in Dundrum on most Saturdays. Full details of the spins and times will be posted on the forum each week. For more details on how to join, please see Membership for 2017.

The beginner group will be lead by two experienced club riders. You need to be able to ride 60KM before you turn up for one of these spins. The purpose of these spins are to get you used to riding in groups and to build up the distance at a reasonable pace. The spins will increase in length every week after Christmas with cycles throughout the surrounded Dublin and Wicklow area. Hard shell helmets and road bikes with dropped handlebars are mandatory. Check out our club spin info and requirements and etiquette and technique before coming out.

The Forum

Scott-Orwell members communicate with each using various methods. For general use, there is the Club Forum. All members can post general queries here. Due to the size of the club, and the workload associate with creating and deleting so many accounts each year, members are not automatically given access. If you are an Scott-Orwell member but do not have a login, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mailing Lists

There are a few mailing lists in operation.

To be added to one of the racing lists (A1/2, A3, A4), please contact either of the racing reps with your category and licence details, and a bit about what you want to do. This will enable them to add you to the relevant lists.

To be added to the women's racing list, please contact the female racing rep.

To be added to the weekly leisure list, please contact the leisure rep.

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