Below you can find a selection of interviews with Orwell members past and present.

Lifetime Members

All members of the Roche family

  • Stephen Roche
  • Lawrence Roche
  • Nicolas Roche
  • ...

All members who completed the Tour de France

  • Stephen Roche
  • Lawrence Roche
  • Nicolas Roche
  • Paul Kimmage


  • Noel O'Neill
  • ...

Club Person of the Year

Every year, the club vote to reward someone who's shown huge dedication to the club, who gives time and effort on multiple occasions, or in some way has been an outstanding volunteer. This person is awarded the Club Person of Year trophy to take home.

Previous winners

2021.       Ronan Grimes
2020.       Barry Redmond
2017	Michael Hanley
2016	Stephen O'Shea
2015	Ann Horan
2014	Stephen Ryan
2013	Brian McArdle
2012	...
2011	Denis Gleeson
2010	Aideen Collard
2009	...

Pat_savours_victory The man of the moment this week is Patrick O'Brien, who spent his debut season last year working his way up through the Club league groups, and has now started his ascent of the Open rankings in an even more impressive style...

The latest in our increasingly inaccurately titled series of 5 minute profiles is Brian Ahern, for whom brevity isn't a strongpoint! For answers to every question that we thought to ask him, and a handful more that we didn't, read on...

 The latest rider to be profiled is co-organiser of last week's highly successful table quiz, Anne Dalton. Known almost as well for her prodigious cycling talent as she is for her caustic assessments of her fellow clubmates, it really is hard to believe it's been less than a year since Anne blew in and started to turn the place upside down. Read on to hear what makes her tick...

Next in line to be interviewed for our rider profiles is "Most Consistent rider of 2010", John Twomey.  2010 was a busy year for John...

Colm Ahern's recent second place in the Bikepure GP Cyclocross earns him the latest spot in our series of rider profiles. We caught him while he was still recovering to hear about the Rás, fatherhood, and racing in the good old days.