Below you can find a selection of interviews with Orwell members past and present.

Lifetime Members

All members of the Roche family

  • Stephen Roche
  • Lawrence Roche
  • Nicolas Roche
  • ...

All members who completed the Tour de France

  • Stephen Roche
  • Lawrence Roche
  • Nicolas Roche
  • Paul Kimmage


  • Noel O'Neill
  • ...

Club Person of the Year

Every year, the club vote to reward someone who's shown huge dedication to the club, who gives time and effort on multiple occasions, or in some way has been an outstanding volunteer. This person is awarded the Club Person of Year trophy to take home.

Previous winners

2021.       Ronan Grimes
2020.       Barry Redmond
2017	Michael Hanley
2016	Stephen O'Shea
2015	Ann Horan
2014	Stephen Ryan
2013	Brian McArdle
2012	...
2011	Denis Gleeson
2010	Aideen Collard
2009	...

Tom Weymes won't mind me saying this but he is one of the elder statesmen of the club and is a real inspiration to all the younger Orwellians out there. At the ripe age of 74 Tom is heading towards doing his 11th Wicklow 200 this June and even has eyes on the 6 day iconic Alpine Classic Cols with the rest of the Orwell Alpine nutters (myself included!).

After several profiles with members who race primarily, we also wanted to profile Sinead Kennedy, one of our active and consistent members in the leisure/touring section. Sinead Kennedy participates as part of the Orwell gang in a calendar of events and she was part of the gang that took on the epic Marmot in 2014.

Ciara Kinch has consistently been at the heart of the action in women's racing in Ireland over the past eight years taking multiple victories in Orwell colours. After a year racing for Towers CC, Kinch has returned to Orwell at a time when Orwell's women's team hopes to put in an exciting 2016.

Brian McArdle has been very active in Orwell since joining - both behind the scenes in his role as PRO and on the bike in the open races and in the Orwell Club League - excelling at both and taking the Club League in 2015.

Our next profile feature is on Jamie Busher, a consistent A3 racer not afraid of a classic 'all or nothing' attack who, in addition to his personal achievements in A3 races, has really worked with the other A3 Orwell racers, culminating with victory for Orwell Wheelers in the A3 National Championships this year.