Pinergy-Orwell Wheelers is pleased to announce a new programme of supports for talented young riders. The Orwell Talent Retention Programme will provide free club kit and subsidise the cost of racing for qualifying riders.

In order to build on our success in youth development and incentivise talented young riders to stay with the club after they leave school and build core of young riders capable of representing the club at the highest level. In order further this aim, the club will subsidise a range of expenses incurred by riders.


Open to all current and returning Junior and Under- 23 Orwell members with minimum of an A2 or W2 licence. New members who have previously ridden for other clubs in the past must have been in Orwell for at least one season or partial season (i.e. someone transferring to Orwell in 2024 will become eligible in 2025 at the earliest.

In the case of members who are primarily competing in non-road disciplines, the committee will decide if the applicant is has attained an equivalent standard.

Members who meet the eligibility criteria mid-season will be able to retrospectively claim the benefits.


Cycling Ireland Junior/Student/Senior Membership: €50-€136(1)

Rás Mumhan Rider Contribution Waived: €150.00 (2)

Rás Tailteann/Rás na mBan Rider/Junior Tour Contribution Waived (2) €400.00


Jersey (3) €85.00

Gilet* (3) €60.00

Long Sleeve Jersey* (3) €83.00

Shorts (3) €95.00

Skinsuit with pockets* (3) €115.00

Free crash replacement kit.

(1). Riders renew membership and club will refund

(2). Based on 2023 rider contributions. All stage race fees are conditional on being selected for the Orwell team.

(3). Starred items for one year only. New jersey shorts available very year.


Those on the programme are expected to give back some time to the club, either by helping out with races the club is running or mentoring youth riders. The club has committed to fund the programme for a trial period of one year at least.