The Club League Committee are gearing up for the 2014 calendar, and are currently hard at work getting the necessary pieces into place. Ahead of the final calendar, here's some prelimiary notices of your responsibilities for the Orwell League following the first meeting of the committee.

As ever, we're entirely dependent on league participants to marshall - marshalling is compulsory. Failure to arrange a replacement and notify race organiser before the event that you will be unable to attend for marshal slot will result in suspension from league until further notice. Decision of penalty to be decided by committee. If you arrange for a replacement, and the replacement does not appear, the penalty will still apply to you, not your replacement.

Only league members are permitted to ride the various championship events. These are league events, and all placers must be allocated points. If you wish to sign up for the league, and only ride one or two championship events, that is allowed. You can ride as few or as many events as you wish, but you will be required to marshall at least two races.

Championships events are 10TT, 25TT, Hill Climb and Road Race.

U16s must ride Corkagh Park to be assessed before they are allowed to ride on the open road.

An Orwell club jersey/skinsuit must be worn for all events, which includes Corkagh Park. The only exception to this is that you can wear a plain skinsuit for TT events if you wish. The new 2014 design and the previous kit are both acceptable as an Orwell jersey. Dave T is not allowed wear the old versions from the shop.

If you want to sign up for the league, the closing date is March 7th. Go to the Membership page and scroll down to "Registering for 2014".