The first 10TT of the club league saw a new course record from overall winner Brian McArdle, and some other great performances and new PBs across the field.

The evening began with a moderate breeze aiding riders on the outward leg, but hampering on the homeward stretch. As the night wore on, the wind dropped, so somewhere in the middle a few riders encountered ideal conditions, with a tailwind out, and a free ride home.

In the limit group, David Bradley marked his league debut with 1st place, knocking over a minute off his personal best to finish just behind SL winner Dave McLoughlin - 24’11” to the latter’s 24’07”. 2nd and 3rd went to two first timers, Barry Mooney and John Blennerhassett, while Killian Doyle’s persistence paid off for 4th. Richard Cattle earned his second set of points in the league with 5th, while veteran TTer David Claes scored his first set in 6th.

Behind Dave Mc’s 1st place in Semi-limit was sprinting star Seán Murnane in 2nd, a great result for an U16 rider on restricted gearing. Mayo man Alan Duggan took 3rd while Daragh Boyd converted his strong legs into points for 4th, with Paul Perry and Daniel McElroy rounding out the prizes in 5th and 6th.

One of the most notable achievements on the night was Bernard Sellars who took a whopping 9'06" off his PB. Another was Ken O’Neill who took Brian Ahern’s favourite TT award, the moral victory - aka the fastest time with no TT kit. Along with that special prize, O’Neill was fast enough to top the Semi-scratch rankings with 23’31”. Top testers Jamie Busher and Ed O’Mahoney earned 2nd and 3rd, with O’Mahoney both lucky and unlucky to puncture just beyond the finish line.

Aidan Hammond marked a welcome return to club racing with a fine 4th in 23’50’, with David Maher notching up a round 24’00”. Jules Cantwell scored the final set of points with 24’24”.

The six Scratch placers occupied the top six places, with Gavin Dodd taking 6th just 11” behind 2014 league winner Patrick O’Brien. The latter tied with Liam Rowsome, with Rowsome winning out in the fractions of seconds. Valdis Andersons earned his first Scratch podium with a very fast 22’28”, while Eric Downey won silver with 22’16”.

Brian McArdle set a new course record and took the overall with 22’01”, making the most of the fast night, and the absence of some injured big engines. He credited Dave Tansey’s personal service the previous in Joe Daly Cycles for getting his bike ready, and Aidan Hammond’s coaching for prepping his body.

Thanks to organisers and marshals for a well-run night - next week is the first road race of the 2015 league, starting from Brittas. See the forum for more information.


Orwell League R5: 10TT (30/4/2015)

1 David Bradley
2 Barry Mooney
3 John Blennerhassett
4 Killian Doyle
5 Richard Cattle
6 David Claes

1 Dave McLoughlin
2 Seán Murnane
3 Alan Duggan
4 Daragh Boyd
5 Paul Perry
6 Daniel McElroy

1 Ken O'Neill
2 Jamie Busher
3 Ed O’Mahoney
4 Aidan Hammond
5 David Maher
6 Jules Cantwell

1 Brian McArdle
2 Eric Downey
3 Valdis Andersons
4 Liam Rowsome
5 Pat O'Brien
6 Gavin Dodd