Dave Mc taking home the Hamper

Senior Races

Hamper Race

The Hamper Race started with Dave Mc being allowed a Lap on the field, due to his Christmas Party attendance the night before. He avoided being lapped and re-caught, after the elastic snapped, to hold on for the prize. The minor places went to the chase group of Valdis, Simon, Calum and Eoin. Simon might've clinched second only for a minor over shoot of the final corner, which seen him ride a few meters on the grass. Calum, followed up his Laragh Classic A4 win, with fourth place, where he held off newly promoted Junior, Eoin. Youngster Tadgh was behind this chase group.

Eoin, Simon and Valdis leading the Chase Group
1. Dave Mc
2. Valdis Andersons
3. Simon Sheridan
4. Calum O'Toole
5. Eoin Byrne
6. Tadhg Fitzsimons

Much, much, further down the order. There was a sprint finish to settle a Sibling Rivalry for 2016. Darragh Connolly held off brother Garret and a Chest Infection, to claim the final Connolly Cup bout for the calendar year.

Novelty Race

Taking place before the Hamper Race, The Novelty Race, added a strategic element to the Senior events. The format was a Prime every five laps in the fifteen lap race. The first prime would award third place, the second prime would yield second place and the third prime would crown the winner. Riders who won the earlier Primes were permitted to drop out of the race and conserve energy for the main event.

1. Sean Murnane
2. Simon Sheridan
3. Valdis Andersons

Fancy Dress

1. Grainne and Louise - Christmas Elves
2. Murina and John - Christmas Apron

Youth Races

The invitational races were run at Corkagh Park last Sunday, where we had 45 youths from five clubs; Orwell, McNally Swords, Willow Wheelers, Inspiration and Usher came along, many in fancy dress for some good natured end of term fun.

The Youth Invitation Races were well attended
U10 Time Trial (half lap):
1st  Killian O'Brien  Orwell  1:23
2nd  Evan Caddow      Orwell  1:28
3rd  Davis Quinn      Orwell  1:32
U12 Time Trial (full lap):
1st  Ruairi Byrne  Orwell  1:52
2nd  Conor Lally   Swords  2:09
3rd  Orla Kelly    Willow  2:18
U14 Time Trial:
1st  Tadhg Fitzsimons  Orwell  1:38
2nd  Andrew Ryan       Orwell  1:40
3rd  Peter Walsh       Orwell  1:49
U16/Junior Time Trial:
=1st  Darrel Edgar    Orwell       1:43
=1st  Dmitri Griffin  Orwell       1:43
 3rd  Jake Murphy     Inspiration  1:45
U10 Reverse win and out:
1st  Harry ?          Inspiration
2nd  Senan Howlin     Inspiration
3rd  Evan Caddow      Orwell
4th  Killian O'Brien  Orwell
5th  Alice O'Brien    Orwell
6th  Aine Reilly      Orwell
U12/14/16 CP (6 laps):
1st  Tadhg Fitzsimons (14)   Orwell
2nd  Andrew Ryan (14)        Orwell
3rd  Dmitri Griffin (J)      Orwell
4th  Eoin Kelly (14)         Willow
5th  Uisneach Sheridan (16)  Orwell
6th  Ruairi Byrne (12)       Orwell
7th  David Forbes (14)       Orwell
8th  Orla Kelly (12)         Willow
Best fancy dress:
Killian O'Brien  Orwell
Alice O'Brien    Orwell
Aine Reilly      Orwell
Katie Reilly     Orwell


More Photos

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Thank you to everyone who made this event happen, with the prize donations from Members, our kit supplier VeloRevolution, Andy Kenny Fitness and Joe Daly Cycles.

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