Orwell's Club League moved to Corkagh Park for the past three weeks, where some high octane racing blew off the winter cobwebs. While some of the club's seasoned racers acquitted themselves well, it was a number of up and coming youth riders who stole the limelight.

Round 2's Limit/Semi-Limit Race saw the Semi-Limit bunch having to mount a determined and well-drilled pursuit to pull back a Limit group that worked very well together despite its relative inexperience. Once Limit was in their sights, youth riders Patrick O'Sullivan, Killian O'Brien, Luca Holmes and David Harrington ditched the remainder of Semi-Limit to make the bridge and contest the finish with Limit. O'Sullivan pipped O'Brien to take the win, with Limit's Patryk Rejmoniak taking third.

In Scratch/Semi-Scratch race, a small Scratch group made the most of a reduced handicap by making an early catch and ensuring a night of attacking racing, with Ken O'Neill, Diarmuid Collins, and Aidan Collins in particular keeping everyone on their toes with some aggressive riding. As the bunch began to tire, O'Neill and Diarmuid Collins established the winning move. Collins once again demonstrated his ability to finish out a race by taking the sprint from O'Neill while Dick O'Brien was the best of chasing bunch, taking the sprint for third.

In Round 3's Limit/Semi-Limit race, league debutante Liam McCarthy took an impressive victory going clear with two laps to go and maintaining a substantial gap for a spirited chase group. Patryk Rejmoniak demonstrated that he's one to watch by taking the sprint for third against track men Oisin Murtagh and Eddie Lynch.

In Scratch/Semi-Scratch race, the Semi-Scratch group was lively from the start, with Neal Hudson and Michael Monahan establishing an early move, which was later joined by Ross Collins and a newly promoted Patrick O'Sullivan. O'Sullivan demonstrated that he'd taken the move up in his stride by besting Hudson to take the win, while Monahan hung on for third.

In Round 4's Limit/Semi-Limit Race, the Limit group rode hard all night, minimising any gains the chasing Semi-Limit group could make. Eventually patience seemed to run out among the pursuers as Luca Holmes made a brave solo bid to bridge across. While Holmes was unsuccessful, the next attacker, David Harrington, was rewarded for several laps hard riding when he finally got across with only a few laps to go. Harrington recovered enough in the closing laps to take a fine win.

The Scratch/Semi-Scratch race saw Patrick O'Sullivan, Killian O'Brien and Tadhg Killeen establish an early move which was strengthened a few laps later when Dimitri Griffin rode across. The four breakaway riders steadily increased their advantage on the chasing Semi-Scratch bunch and even the arrival of a reinforcements from Scratch did nothing to bring the break back. Griffin looked odds on for the win as he surged past O'Brien on the finishing straight but didn't appear to spot a hard charging O'Sullivan on his right who just edged it on the line to take three wins on the trot and storm to the top of the league table.



Round 2, L/SL

1. Patrick O'Sullivan (SL)

2. Killian O'Brien (SL)

3. Patryk Rejmoniak (L)

4. David Harrington (SL)

5. Luca Holmes (SL)

6. Liam McCartthy (L)



Round 2, S/SS

1. Diarmuid Collins (S)

2. Ken O'Neill (S)

3. Dick O'Brien (SS)

4. Darran Kearney (SS)

5. Michael Monahan (SS)

6. Barry Greene (SS)



Round 3, L/SL

1. Liam McCarthy (SL)

2. Patryk Rejmoniak (SL

3. Oisin Murtagh (SL)

4. Eddie Lynch (SL)

5. David Harrington (SL)

6. Luca Holmes (SL)



Round 3, S/SS

1. Patrick O'Sullivan (SS)

2. Neal Hudson (SS)

3. Michael Monahan (SS)

4. Dmitri Griffin (SS)

5. Killian O'Brien (SS)

6. Ken O'Neill (S)



Round 4, L/SL

1. David Harrington (SL)

2. Conor Fennell (L)

3. Nigel Burke (L)

4. Davis Quinn (L)

5. Bernard Collins (L)

6. David Byrne (L)



Round 4, S/SS

1. Patrick O'Sullivan (SS)

2. Dimitri Griffin (SS)

3. Killian O'Brien (SS)

4. Tadhg Killeen (SS)

5. Sean Murnane (S)

6. Barry McMahon (S)