1.1. You must be a current member of the club and have paid your league fees before the deadline for this year’s league.

1.2. You must either hold a Cycling Ireland Limited Competition or Full Competition licence

1.3. U14 and younger riders are limited to participating in time trials and Corkagh Park races. Additionally, we the club would prefer if U16 or younger riders were accompanied to races by at least one parent.

1.4. U16s must ride at least one Corkagh Park race to be assessed before they are allowed to ride on the open road.


2.1. Riders must at all times obey the instructions of race organisers and marshals.

2.2. Rides must at all times obey the rules of the road. Remember that the roads are open, so other traffic may take priority over the race. Marshals cannot guarantee that a junction or road will be clear.

2.3. Stay behind the lead car at all times, unless the driver pulls in and waves you on.

2.4. Dangerous and reckless riding will not be tolerated and may be subject to sanctions.

2.5. Any behaviour that may damage the reputation of the club may lead to sanction, including parking in unauthorised areas, public urination, disputes with members of the public, etc..

2.6. Riders are expected to know the course of the race. It is not the duty of the lead car nor the marshals to direct riders, only to warn other traffic of an approaching race.


3.1. Participants are required to marshal three events throughout the year. Failure to fulfil marshalling duties will result in automatic suspension from the league and you will have to apply to the league committee for readmission.

Attire and equipment

4.1. Standard UCI rules apply for road and TT events. As per UCI rules, no extraneous equipment may be mounted on bikes, such as video cameras, mudguards, etc.

4.2 Orwell kit is encouraged, but not mandatory.

4.3 No earphones or phone use allowed during races.

Club championships

5.1. Every year the club holds a few events to decide the Club Champ for various disciplines - Road Race, 10TT, 25TT and Hill Climb. Medals are awarded to the top three finishers of each gender, as long as at least five competitors of that gender sign on.

5.2. Only league members are permitted to ride the various championship events. These are league events, and all placers must be allocated points. If you wish to sign up for the league, and only ride one or two championship events, that is allowed. You can ride as few or as many events as you wish, but you will be required to marshal at least two races.

Handicap categories

6.1. There are four categories in the league, from slowest to fastest: Limit, Semi-limit, Semi-scratch, Scratch. All new riders will start in Limit, unless they're known to be able for a higher category. If you feel you have been placed in an inappropriate category, please contact the league committee (details on the contact page).

6.2. If you get a few good results, you'll be upgraded. Generally riders aren't downgraded unless they bring it to the attention of the league committee.

6.3. Some races are marked as CP – competitor paced, or handicapped. This means that the slower groups are given a head-start, and more than one group is in the race. A DMS is a Divided Mass Start, or separate races – each group has their own race, so you're only racing against others in your category (of about the same ability as you).


7.1. Riders receive 5 points for signing on, and additional points for placing. Generally to the first six – 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. How many sets of placings depends on the event – a TT will see a full set of points given to each category, while a full CP only has one set of points awarded.

7.2. At the end of the league, your worst five results, excluding championship events, are disregarded. So you can miss five races without being affected for the total score.

7.3. Any tied scores in the overall will be ordered by the number of wins each rider received - if a rider has more 1st places, they are placed higher. If there is also a tied on number of wins, then 2nd places are used, and so on.

7.4. There are generally prizes for the top ten riders, and the highest placed woman.


8.1. The league committee may impose a range of sanctions against riders found to breached the rules. These may include expulsions, suspension, disqualification, relegation and docking of points.


9.1. Sign-on generally closes ten minutes before the start of your race. If you miss sign-on, you won't be allowed race – no exceptions.

9.2. If parking your car during a race, put your valuables in the boot. If you want, or if you cycle up, you can give your bag to the lead car.

9.3. Please use consideration when parking – we use each sign-on area multiple times, and have to return year on year. Keeping residents happy is vital to the smooth running of the league.

9.4. Locations of sign-on - please see Locations page.