The first meeting for the masters track team will take place on Wednesday, January 11th at Uncle Tom's Cabin in Dundrum and 7pm.

All members over 35 who are interested in track racing have been asked to attend. Coach Paddy Doran will be there to hear their goals, plans and events people want to target. This is a great oppertunity as the World Masters Track Championships are on in Manchester in September.

Indeed anyone interested in racing the track this year is welcome to attend as there are several new national team events that can be targeted, with races to suit all types of riders, from sprinters, to endurance riders. There are a range of individual events also including the omnium (multi event race) at the National Championships.

The agenda of the meeting is to assemble a team that would train and practice skills together, to develop race winning potential. It is recommended that riders have an idea what events they are interested in before the meeting, I have listed events below. There is an expected commitment, however, as we all know these will vary and wane through the year, but hopefully we can all reach our goals.

Events that can be targeted:


Individual Pursuit (4km (men) or 3km (women) race against the clock)
Sprint (Flying 200m for qualification order and heats of one to one sprints)
Time Trial (1km (men) or 500m (women) race against the clock)
Keirin demo last year (6 riders paced by motorbike, which then pulls off and releases the riders at high speed with 2.5 laps to go)
Omnium demo last year (6 event race, covering all disciplines)
Team Sprint (3 riders do half a lap each)
Team Pursuit (4 male riders, or 3 female riders - rotating to cover 4km for men, or 3km for women)


Sprint (same as above)
Pursuit (same as above)
Time Trial (same as above)
Points (bunch race, with sprints during the race counting as points towards the total, winner has most points)
Scratch (bunch race - first over the line wins)

Age Groups: