We've a lot to catch up on from the last two weeks (hey, even the PRO deserves a holiday!), and we'll start with the most recent result in the vets, which saw Eddie Lynch victorious in the IVCA Championship last Sunday. He jumped across to another rider on the climb at 8km in the 50-59 event, and the pair of them stayed away, with Lynch easily taking the win at the line. A fantastic result for the former President, and a rider that does so much for others in the club, it follows his 7th place in the A category two weeks on Dorey's Forge in R17 of the vets' races.

Lynch soloing in for the win (photo thanks to Brendan Culleton)

That night Romano Morelli also got up in the B race, taking 9th, and like Lynch he doubled up with a great bronze in the 60-69 Champs yesterday, continuing a great season for the restaurateur. And Paul Tansey sprinted to another win in the B race in the Sonny Cullen, probably earning himself an upgrade. This year has seen a flying return to form for Tansey, with multiple wins in both the vets' league as well as the Orwell league.

Tansey unleashing his sprint for first place (photo thanks to Brendan Culleton)

The Bastille Day special on Dorey's Forge bore witness to another host of placings as William Parnell powered to a win in the C race, while Ciara Kinch took 3rd in the B from a breakway group. Barry Dace - another rider in a purple patch - was a fine 5th in the As, following his picking up of a prime in the Sonny Cullen Memorial two days previous. He's currently sitting in 10th spot in the vets' league, just two places ahead of John Dillon.

We should also congratulate regular contributor of photographs to these pages, Brendan Culleton nipped in for 10th place in the Sonny Cullen Memorial, all while taking photos of Tansey's winning sprint. Some man!

Clearly the veteran section of the club is thriving, their plethora of results putting some of the younger members to shame!


Vets League - R17: Dorey's DMS (8/7/2014)

Race 1
1 Will Byrne
2 Len Carrigan
3 John Brady
4 Dylan Rafter
5 Ger Madden
6 Paul Kelly
7 Eddie Lynch
8 Barry Swan
9 Barry Fitzgerald
10 Ian O Hara

Race 2
1 Sean Lally Snr
2 Don Samway
3 Willie McGonagle
4 Quentin Jansen
5 Eamonn Walsh
6 Des King
7 Roy Bowden
8 Damien Lyle-Stirling
9 Romano Morelli
10 Michael Lee

Race 3
1 George O Rourke
2 Colm Conway
3 Eamonn Newton
4 JJ Boylan
5 Fred Harte
6 Peter Schweppe
7 Eddie Scully
8 Jim Morahan
9 Eddie Dunne
10 Ed Hogan


Vets League - R18: Sonny Cullen Memorial (13/7/2014)

Race 1
1 Greg Burke
2 Dylan Rafter
3 John Brady
4 Mick Hennessy
5 Paul O Connor
6 Sean Connolly
7 Paddy Deegan
8 Ger Madden
9 Alan Sheppard
10 Barry Swan

Lap 1 Barry Dace
Lap 2 Dylan Rafter

Race 2
1 Paul Tansey
2 Sean Lally Snr
3 Don Samway
4 Norman Eyre
5 Quentin Jansen
6 Damien Lyle Stirling
7 Aidan Delaney
8 Jimmy Stagg
9 Gavin Kelly
10 Brendan Culleton

Prime: Roy Bowden

Race 3
1 Willie McDonald
2 Colm Conway
3 George O Rourke
4 Peter Schweppe
5 JJ Boylan
6 Fred Harte
7 Eddie Scully
8 Jim Morahan
9 Ronnie Howe
10 Derek McCullagh

Prime: Willie McDonald


Vets League - R19: Dorey's DMS (15/7/2014)

Race 1
1 Dylan Rafter
2 Paul O Connor
3 David Holland
4 Barry Swan
5 Barry Dace
6 John Brady
7 Greg Burke
8 Anthony Crean
9 Ian O Hara
10 Aidan Yates

Race 2
1 Willie McGonagle
2 Quentin Jansen
3 Ciara Kinch
4 Dermot Moyne
5 Don Samway
6 Sean Lally
7 Des King
8 Damien Lyle Stirling
9 Ger Hannigan
10 Shay Dalton

Race 3
1 William Parnell
2 George O Rourke
3 Eamon Newton
4 Pat Walsh
5 Fred Harte
6 JJ Boylan
7 Eddie Dunne
8 Eddie Scully
9 Jim Morahan
10 Peter Rice

Vets Age Championships (20/7/2014)

Race 1 (40-49)
1 Greg Burke
2 Mark Murphy
3 Dylan Rafter

Race 2 (50-59)
1 Eddie Lynch
2. Nathan Hannigan
3. Pat Byrne

Race 3 (60-69)
1 Martin Gray
2 Hugh Davis
3 Romano Morelli

Race 4 (70-79)
1 Sean Lally
2 Jimmy Lally
3 Peter Schweppe

1 Patsy Fitzsimons