As the IVCA league spent August drawing to a close, the Orwell vets weren’t spent just yet, with Barry Dace clocking up another couple of results, and Arthur Ebbs, Romano Morelli and William Parnell all getting top ten finishes, including a podium spot for Ebbs.

The August bank holiday weekend - so long ago now, our apologies for the delay in coverage - saw Arthur Ebbs take second in the 75km B race, only being defeated by Sorrento’s Roy Bowden. A well-established Orwell member, Ebbs is a familiar face to those who partake in the winter spins and many leisure rides.

August 4th: Ciara Kinch at front, Arthur Ebbs at right in red/green helmet

On the same day, which was the second stage of a two day stage race, Barry Dace notched up 6th place in the A race. Later in the month he earned 7th from a break of 10, his final result for the league, as it was the closing race on August 31st.

Between those placings, he had a good ride in the 50TT (yes, that's fifty miles) on Sunday at Moyvalley on 10th August. He covered the course in 2:05:51, which may not seem a great time, but given the horrendous conditions it was outstanding enough for 4th on the day. Dace missed out on bronze by only 30" in the end. All the times were slower than normal given the conditions with no one managing to break the two hour mark.

Dace blitzed the first 25miles in 1:01 but the wind and weather deteriorated in that hour, and made the homeward 25 very tough. He was happy with the time for his first 50TT, and will be aiming to better it next year. Right now he's pleased with his form as he heads into cyclocross season again, at which he's been successful in the past. We'll keep you posted, as always!

Dace on his way to 7th in Kentstown

Last, but not least, at the Millennium Cup race in Summerhill, Romano Morelli sprinted in for 9th in the B race, while William Parnell beat that with 6th in the C race. With the road season winding up, that's the last we'll hear from the vets for a while, but congrats to all the riders and placers over the year - it's been a fantastic season for Orwell in the IVCA league!

Romano celebrates!


Vets League - R22, Summerhill (4/8/2014)

Race #1
1 Emmet Reilly
2 John Brady
3 Dylan Rafter
4 Noel Conway
5 Mark Kidd
6 Barry Dace
7 Terry Ferris
8 Greg Burke
9 Paul O Connor
10 Paul Fahy

Race #2
1 Roy Bowden
2 Arthur Ebbs
3 Don Samway
=4 Erik Robson
=4 Sean Lally Snr
6 Brendan Dunne
7 Dermot Moyne
8 Quentin Jansen
9 Stephen Fennell
10 Kevin McFeely

Race #3
1 Willie McDonald
2 Keith Lambourne
3 Colm Conway
4 Jim Morahan
5 Peter Schweppe
6 George O Rorke
7 Fred Harte
8 JJ Boylan
9 Derek McCullagh
10 Peter Rice


50TT Championshion, Moyvalley (10/8/2014)

1 Mark Prendergast 2:01:17
2 Pat Byrne 2:04:58
3 Mark Murphy 2:05:21
4 Barry Dace 2:05:51

Full results with handicaps available in IVCA Google Doc.


Millennium Cup, Summerhill (24/8/2014)

Race #1
1 Noel Thompson
2 Mick Hennessey
3 Cathal Millar
4 Paul Fahy
5 John Brady
6 Paul Cullinane
7 Len Carrigan
8 Dylan Rafter
9 Paul Durnin
10 Glenn Cobain

Race #2
1 Mick Usher
2 Ger Hannigan
3 Erik Robson
4 Sean Lally Snr
5 Gavin Kelly
6 Sean Lally Jnr
7 Dermot Moyne
8 Damien Lyle Stirling
9 Romano Morelli
10 Don Samway

Race #3
1 Paul O Connell
2 Keith Lambourne
3 Fred Harte
4 Colm Conway
5 George O Rourke
6 William Parnell
7 JJ Boylan
8 Paddy Davis
9 Derek McCullagh
10 Jim Morahan


Vets League - R24, Kentstown (31/8/2014)

Race #1
1 Mark Kidd
2 Dylan Rafter
3 Terry Ferris
4 Paul Cullinane
5 Greg Burke
6 Cathal Millar
7 Barry Dace
8 Barry Swan
9 Paddy Deegan
10 Lloyd Scott

Race #2
1 Roy Bowden
2 Sean Lally Snr
3 Don Samway
4 Quentin Jansen
5 Gavin Kelly
6 Sean Lally Jnr
7 Erik Robson
8 Damien Lyle Stirling
9 Dermot Moyne
10 Malachy McKenna

Race #3
1 George O Rorke
2 Paul O Connell
3 Fred Harte
4 Colm Conway
5 Peter Schweppe
6 Dermot McGrath
7 Keith Lambourne
8 Derek McCullagh
9 Peter Rice
10 Patsy Fitzsimons