Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club runs organised weekly spins that are open to all from October until March. The first spin of 2016/17 is on Sunday, October 23rd. They are for both men and women of a wide range of age and ability. Riders are split up into groups of similar fitness and ability (see Spin Groups).

Spins for all levels usually start opposite Joe Daly Cycles in Dundrum. There are occasional groups that will start at the Popes Cross in the Phoenix Park. A link to this year's spin roster is in the sidebar. The roster contains maps to the most likely route, including start point, that will be taken on the day by each group as well as a list of group leaders.

Staggered starts mean that congestion is minimised and groups can get rolling. The Red groups will be leaving at 9:00am, Orange at 9:10, Yellow at 9:20 and White groups at 9:30 sharp.

Sunday spins start at Joe Daly's at 9:00am

Beginner riders / New members

You can come out with us on a trial basis for up to three cycles without being a member. First, you must register at SPIN SIGN ON. This allows us make sure we have the right number of experienced leaders on hand and that you are covered for insurance.

For the first two weeks of the season and once a month thereafter (dates on the Winter Spins spreadsheet in the sidebar) there will be special groups for newcomers.

Based on the answers you gave when completing the form you will be assigned to a group and told who the leader for the week is. He or she will be expecting you.

You will need to cycle in these for your first time so that we can show you the basics of group riding and welcome you to the club. Generally speaking, if you are of a higher standard you will only cycle in them once and them move into mainstream Orange or Red. You are welcome to stay in the beginner group until you - and we - are confident about your move into the regular White groups.

The white newcomer group will be led and accompanied by experienced club riders who have volunteered for these groups so that you can be more comfortable getting into the swing of things.

We should emphasis that these beginner and newcomer groups are not for absolute beginners to the sport. You should have a fair level of fitness and be able to cycle 50k (a return trip to Enniskerry from Dundrum is c. 25k / Greystones 45k) before you turn up for one of these spins.

The purpose of these spins is to get you used to riding in groups and to build up the distance at a reasonable pace. The spins will increase in length every week after Christmas with cycles throughout the surrounding Dublin and Wicklow area.


The following are required to participate on these spins:

  • Hard shell helmet
  • Road racing bike in good working order (no mountain bikes, hybrids, straight handlebars or tribars)
  • Quick release wheels
  • Tyres and brakes must be in good condition
  • Pump, tyre levers and 2 spare tubes are mandatory for road side repairs
  • Food, water bottle, money and rain jacket

If you want to continue to come out with the club after three guest spins, you will be required to join Orwell Wheelers as well as Cycling Ireland, with whom we are affiliated. All Orwell riders are Cycling Ireland members as this covers us from a 3rd party insurance viewpoint. See details about joining and becoming a member at Membership.

Meeting Point

The numbers meeting on Sunday mornings are now so large that Joe Daly Cycles' carpark is no longer big enough. We will be meeting opposite it instead - goo.gl/maps/I8C9y.

There is a block of shops there with a carpark which is almost a side road. There is more room for cyclists to fit, and it's more open so people arriving later can still pull in off the road by crossing the footpath. It also removes the need to cross the road to start the spin.

Please remember that there are businesses operating in this area, so be sensitive to customers parking or accessing the shops if they're open. The funeral home is obviously a sensitive one - hopefully there will be no clash on an early Sunday morning with a cortege, but behave accordingly if the occasion arises.


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