Ce n'est pas fini

Winning in Corkagh Park(photo with thanks to John Hammer)

It all started with a training session with the beginner ladies. It was to be a cadence session. After that Emily took the victory at the Corkagh Park race on the Tuesday. Her sprint served her well at the Club League race two days later where only a bike throw from Darragh Connolly deprived her of the win. Next stop was Donore. Emily reports back:

There were four Orwell ladies there: Orla Hendron, Rachel Glendon, Monica Marconi and myself. There were only 6 others in the race so it was a great opportunity for us to work as a team. We each attacked one after another from the start, forcing the other ladies to chase us. Somewhere during the third lap (there were 7), while I was struggling up a climb, hanging onto a wheel that had just closed a gap to Monica, Orla told me to attack. I laughed at her (too out of breath to reply) but she assured me that now was the time to go. So I went. Hesitantly at first but then when I saw everyone else was indeed also suffering, I pushed a bit harder and got a gap. From then until the finish (4 lonely laps!) I went as hard as I could, constantly expecting someone to appear to my right. I have had plenty of experience this year of battling through a race on my own, though usually at the other end. Saturday's situation was much more terrifying!

On the last lap the A4 bunch passed me, and Ken O'Neill told me I had a good gap (after first confirming that I was leading the race and not coming last) and also gave me a big cheer. This gave me a boost but the fear of the chasing bunch of fresh-legged women was ever-present until I hit the 1km mark, mostly downhill from there. I descended into Donore and was very happy no extra dig was required for the finish line because there was nothing left! Delighted to see Monica take second, though the bunch sprint was unfortunately obstructed by a car which held Rachel and Orla up. However, all four of us finished in the top 6.

Ce n'est pas fini!

At Mondello (photo with thanks to Sean Rowe)