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The Appleby Orwell Women's League, hosted by Pinergy Orwell Wheelers, returns for 2022 and we are delighted to announce that Appleby Jewellers are staying on as the event sponsors for another year!

The Appleby Women’s League welcomes all levels and abilities of women racing from absolute beginners to experienced veterans from all clubs and interested parties. We aim to offer women new to the racing scene an introduction and foundation upon which to develop, while giving more experienced riders a solid platform to progress their race season. There will be separate handicapped races for beginner, intermediate and advanced racers.

The six race series will commence with a time trial on Tuesday April 19th at Glencullen (by Johnny Foxes/The GAP). This TT will help determine the handicap groups for the following rounds of racing.

The following three rounds of Tuesday night racing will be at Corkagh Park, on the dedicated traffic free Cycle Track. The fifth round will consist of a bigger Crit course in Mondello and will take place on WEDNESDAY the 18th of MAY

The sixth and final round of the league will return to Glencullen for another time trial, giving riders the opportunity to compare their performance over the course of the series and realise their advancement and achievements. A prize giving will follow

Appleby Jewellers are very kindly donating vouchers to first, second and third place in each category. We will also have prizes for the best Newcomer and the Most Improved rider.



19th April:               TT          Pine Valley TT    Round 1 results

26th April:              Crit         Corkagh Park     Round 2 results

3rd May:                Crit         Corkagh Park     Round 3 Results

10th May:              Crit         Corkagh Park     Round 4 results

18th May:              Crit          Mondello - NOTE: THIS IS A WEDNESDAY RACE

24th May:               TT         Pine Valley TT



SIGN UP HERE: EVENTMASTER SIGN UP PAGE - if you have a Limited Comp or Comp licence

SIGN UP HERE: LEISURE & ONE DAY LICENCE SIGN UP - if you have a Leisure licence or if you dont have a Cycling Ireland licence of any type. Once Day Licence can be purchased using this sign up link


Entry fee €5 per night or €25 for six rounds

The use of disc brake bikes is permitted

Cycling Ireland Full Competition or Limited Competition License is required

Sign on for time trials from 6.20pm. The first rider starts at 7pm sharp.

The league is open to Senior and Junior women - no youth riders



TIME TRIAL - The course is just short of 5K, and rises gradually for the first 4 of that before kicking up sharply in the final kilometre. Segment on strava.

We will be using online registration for the Time Trials.  The first rider will be off at 19:00. A start list will be published the night before giving your start time, so you should show make sure you know when your own start is, and show up to the start line at least 3 minutes before your start time.

There is to be no warming up on the course, so when you are ready to go you should spin down to the start, and do any further warming up in the area of Glencullen village.

TT bikes/wheels and aero kit are all allowed, though they won't provide a massive advantage on this course. We strongly recommend using a rear light, as it may be getting dark as later finishers are returning.

If you catch another rider (good for you!) check that there is no traffic coming up behind you before pulling out, and give them loads of room as you pass. Remember they may have no notion that you're steaming through until you have actually passed them. On the other hand, if you are caught, keep on going at your own pace, don't be tempted to try sit on to the rider who has passed you.

When you cross the finish line roll on through, pull over further down the road and don't turn around before checking that it is safe to do so. Anyone doing a U-turn in the vicinity of the finish line will be disqualified. Please don't hassle the timekeepers for your time- there's no problem asking, but make sure to do it at a time when there aren't any riders coming in.

Our Friends at Glencullen Adventure Park are very kindly allowing us to use their car park as there is no other parking in the area. Parking is €2 - you will need a coin for the barrier when you are leaving.  if you would like a good warm up why not park down the hill in Kilternan or Stepaside and ride up?



Corkagh Park/Road Race sign on from 6.20pm, Racing starts at 7pm sharp.

Corkagh Park track location: Map to Corkagh Park Track

The car park at Corkagh Park closes early so please do not park in here as you may get locked in. Please park on the road outside the park or ride to the start. Unfortunately there have been some cars broken into while people have been at cycling events in the past year - please do not leave any valuables in your car or anything which might attract unwanted attention



Round 5 of the Appleby Women's League is in Mondello. This is the only race which will take place on a WEDNESDAY. This will be a single race with up to 4 handicapped groups with the B2 group off first at 7.30pm

Parking - there is plenty of parking at Mondello and it is on the "infield" section of the track. To access the parking you must drive across the finish straight. Please arrive in plenty of time so that you are not interfering with the warm up laps or race. Please stop and check the course is clear before crossing the track. Under no circumstance are cars allowed to drive the course.




1. Change gears before coming into corner/bend - use easier gears so you can sprint out of corner. Mondello has a kick up out of many of the bends - try and arrive in time to do some warm up laps and get used to the course. 

2. Keep the inside pedal up as you go around the bend if it’s too tight to pedal through

3. Feather your brakes going into corner. Again warm up laps to get to know the course will help here

4. Go wide entering corner/bend and approach the corner/bend at the apex

5. Sprint out of corners and once on top of gear then start changing gears 

6. Hold wheel as close as you can when approaching bend as will give you better chance of staying on wheel exiting

7. Keep your head up and look where you want to to especially as you ride through the corners. 

8. keep your line as you ride through the corners. 

9. many people don’t wear gloves in training but we always recommend them for racing as a layer of protection in case of crashes.