The 6th and final round of the Appleby Orwell women’s league brought us back to Batterstown for a repeat of the TT from the first round.

While the top 2 of both the A and the B leagues standings overall looked sewn up but there was still plenty to ride for the remaining podium and other scoring positions. It was a warm evening with a headwind heading out which then somehow not quite converted to quite a tailwind but still made for a fast trip back to the finish.

Annalise Murphy was the outright fastest rider on the night, if she had ridden with a disc wheel she probably would have repeated her performance from last year when she broke the Pineforest TT course record! There is always the next time though! Jenny Neenan and Aishling Barry completed this evenings podium, while Ellen Ní Cleirigh continued her podium streak with a first place in the B riders, followed by Gabrielle Fox and Agnieszka Samsel,

Well done to all riders tonight and to all those that raced one or more evenings! Thanks to all the helpers and marshals over the last six weeks with a special thanks to Genevieve And Eddie for their help with the timekeeping during the TTS and of course Appleby Jewelers for their continued support!

Editors note*** There are a group of women who have been working away on this event for months and who never get thanked publicaly so now is the chance!  The driving force behind the womens league is Orla Hendron - without her enthusiasm, drive and determination the league wouldn't happen.  This year her team of trusted sidekicks included Marijke Beltman, Beata Golczak and Jo Lynch.  Well done and thanks for another wonderful event!

TT times on the night:

A Annalise Murphy 00:22:42 1
A Jennifer Neenan 00:23:54 2
A Aishling Barry 00:24:51 3
A Jennifer Bates 00:24:56 4
A Yvonne Doran 00:25:36 5
A Aine Kelly 00:26:35 6
B Ellen Ni Cleirigh 00:26:49 1
A Suzanne White 00:26:59 7
B Gabrielle Fox 00:27:12 2
A Orla Walsh 00:27:31 8
B Agnieszka Samsel 00:27:48 3
B Ciara Meagher 00:28:46 4
B Ciara O Shea 00:29:02 5
B Marijke Beltman 00:29:11 6
B Jean Wilson 00:29:11 6
B Zoe Shakespeare 00:29:57 7
B Aoibhe Murray 00:30:33 9
B Clara Fitzsimons 00:30:39 10
B Susanne Reid 00:30:53 11
B Heather Jameson 00:37:42 12
Ellen Ni Cleirigh 52
Ciara Meagher 44
Zoe Shakespeare    36
Marijke Beltman 34
Aoibhe Murray 30
Gabrielle Fox 28
Orla Walsh 47
Jennifer Neenan 40
Annalise Murphy 39
Yvonne Doran 37
Jennifer Bates 32
Autumn Collins 28
Most improved: Aoibhe Murray
First junior: Zoe Shakespeare
DONT FORGET:  If you got a taste for racing make sure to check out the women’s intermediate league and the Tuesday evenings summer criteriums in Corkagh organised by the women’s commission!


 ROUND 5: Road Race - Dunboyne to Summerhill, 16-5-23



Video thanks to Leonard Kaye
Round 5 of the Appleby Orwell Womens League meant the progression from the crits in Corkagh park to the open road. The road race took place on the road from Dunboyne to Summerhill, an out and back course that looks dead straight on the map but in fact has plenty of turns and drags to make it interesting. The riders were split up in 2 groups based on the groupings from the crit races and experience.
The first group got a three minute head start after being briefed on the course, the rules and the strategy of racing by race director Orla Hendron. The more experienced riders in the group took control and quickly organised a chain gang with constant rolling through to keep the pace steady but fast. This was the first experience for many in the group to this type of riding but all riders were quick learners and up for the challenge which meant that the speed was high throughout. The pace was too hot for a few riders who dropped back slightly but stayed together to keep riding and bring it home.
At the turning point at the Summerhill roundabout the chase group was about 800m behind and gaining but only Orla Walsh and Jenny Neenan managed to bridge across. They eventually caught and passed the leading group to take first and second overall. Ciara Meagher completed the podium and was first B rider across the line.
Well done to all who raced, both groups had a hard race and everybody not only got to experience open road racing but also got home safe.
A special thanks to all the marshals who helped out this evening and to Appleby Jewellers for their continued support of the league. See you all next week for the 6th and final race, the second visit to the Batterstown TT! 
Don't forget the next round of the Women's Intermediate League will take place this Sunday in Kilcullen. We hope to see many of you there!
(Write up thanks to Marijke Beltman)

Placings Round 5:

1 Orla Walsh A
2 Jennifer Neenan A
3 Ciara Meagher B
4 Zoe Shakespeare B
5 Gabrielle Fox B
6 Ellen Ni Cleirigh B
7 Clodagh Allen B
8 Josephine Lynch A
9 Jennifer Bates A
10 Aoife Reilly A
11 Elizabeth Kent A
12 Doireann Killeen A
13 Suzanne White A
14 Jean Wilson B
15 Aoibhe Murray B


Top 6 B Placings Round 5:

1 Ciara Meagher
2 Zoe Shakespeare
3 Gabrielle Fox
4 Ellen Ni Cleirigh
5 Clodagh Allen
6 Jean Wilson


Top 6 A Placings Round 5:

1 Orla Walsh
2 Jennifer Neenan
3 Josephine Lynch
4 Jennifer Bates
5 Aoife Reilly
6 Elizabeth Kent



ROUND 4: Corkage Park Crit Race, 9th May 2023

Photos thanks to Matthew Lysaght Photo here: R4 Photos

Corkagh Park avoided the thunderstorms and rain on Tuesday and it turned out to be one of the sunniest evenings in Corkagh Park this year!  It was again great to see some new faces along with some returning after a break. Racing in both groups was very honest and there was no time for tactics and playing around.

As per last week the B group was divided into two with a handicap group getting a 30 seconds advantage. The B2 riders stayed away for much longer than last week. The pace was high despite the fact that we were missing four from last week’s top 6 and other strong legs that drove the pace in round 3 but were outside of the podium.  The race was won by Hannah Hayes from TC Racing who first bridged over to handicapped group, then stayed and worked for a while with Carmel Moran (2nd) and then decided to give it all she had. After doing few laps on her own Hannah went on to take a great solo win. There was a bunch sprint finish for the reminder of the placings with Gabrielle Fox winning it and taking last place on the podium.

After the finish of the B race the A race riders lined up raring to go. In order to make for more exciting racing these riders were split up in two groups for first time this series.  The bigger group was set off first and the smaller second groups was held for 30 seconds before being released for the chase.  After initially making up 10 seconds, the gap stayed at 20 seconds for around 10 minutes, gaining and losing a few seconds per lap.  Eventually the chasing group lifted the pace and the catch was made. 

Annalise Murphy put in few test surges to see if she could get a response but didn't get away with those. She then put the hammer down and went for a hard jump followed by a very steady solo effort. A 10 second gap was held initially but then grew and it was clear Annalise was going to be the winner of the night. In the group behind her the sprint to the finish was won by Autumn Collins, followed by Orla Walsh in third. The handicap system of two groups certainly made for more interesting racing, both for spectators and riders.

Thanks again to Appleby jewelers for their continued support of the league and a big thank you also goes to all those who helped to run the race smoothly with Orwell’s Turner family leading the pack and winning the best supporters category of these crits!

We hope to see you all next week for the open road race!  (Report thanks to Beata and Marijke)

B Placings Round 4:

1 Hannah Hayes  
2 Carmel Moran  
3 Gabrielle Fox  
4 Zoe Shakespeare  
5 Ciara Meagher  
6 Róisín Kennedy  


A Placings Round 4:

1 Annalise Murphy  
2 Autumn Collins  
3 Orla Walsh  
4 Yvonne Doran  
5 Aoife Reilly  
6 Aine Kelly  




Orla Walsh 31
Yvonne Doran 30
Annalise Murphy 28
Autumn Collins 23
Cleo Harvey 20
Jennifer Neenan 20
Jennifer Bates 16
Elizabeth Kent 16
Beata Golczak 15
Monica Marconi 15
Niamh Stephens 15
Josephine Lynch 15
Aoife Reilly 14
Suzanne White 12
Aishling Barry 10
Fiona Guihen 8
Aine Kelly 6
Danielle Travers 6
Clare  Dillon 5
Doireann Killeen 5



Ellen Ni Cleirigh 33
Danya El Gahzel 25
Ciara Meagher 25
Marijke Beltman 23
Lorraine McGill 21
Zoe Shakespeare 21
Aoibhe Murray 20
Carmel Moran 18
Jean Wilson 16
Máire Diggin 15
Heather Jameson 15
Susanne Reid 15
Róisín Kennedy 11
Hannah Hayes 11
Ciara O Shea 11
Clara Fitzsimons 10
Emma Convey 10
Toni Ryan 10
Gabrielle  Fox 9
Lizanne Healy 7
Meadhbh O Neill 7
Hannah Roche 6
Isabelle Cairns 5
Deirdre O Toole 5
Lorraine Harrington 5
Teri Kelly 5


ROUND 3: Corkage Park Crit Race, 2nd May 2023

Round 3 of Appleby Orwell Women’s League brought us back again to Corkagh Park for another crit race. We were lucky to have another dry weather evening and we also welcomed slightly higher temperatures than last week.

B Race Finish. Courtesy of Matthew Lysaght.

In the B- Race, a field of 17 riders was divided into two groups and both were encouraged to work better together to stay away from each other for as long as possible. First group was given a 30 seconds advantage over chasing group and they managed to stay away for around 7 minutes.  All riders felt more confident in bunch riding than a week before and with some of them putting a lot of effort at the front of the group average pace rose which made this race more challenging for all.

Two groups stayed together for the rest of the race with few riders dropping and few trying go slightly harder to lose some of their colleagues but this only led to a bunch spreading out into a nice, long single file.

Since bunch riding is not that scary anymore we expect some stronger riders to try their luck next week and maybe commit to some attacks to make the race even more entertaining for those watching.

Race finished with a bunch sprint that was again won by around 2 bike lengths by Ellen Ní Cleirigh.  She was followed by Aoibhe Murray in 2nd and Ciara Meagher in 3rd.

A Race Finish. Courtesy of Matthew Lysaght.

The A Race started shortly after the finish of the B race as one group of 12 riders for their 30 minutes and 3 laps of racing. Similar to last week there was a break away from the go, but once that was brought back the group stayed together for three laps before there was some fragmentation and a group of 6 leaders was formed, followed by a group of 2 and another group of 4 riders. One of the 6 dropped into the group of 3 but it was very clear that the group of 5 were going to determine the placings of the race. There was some surging and slowing down in the group but no one made a final break, meaning that it came to the final sprint. The first two finishers were once again Orla Walsh who just pipped Cleo Harvey to the line, followed closely by Jenny Neenan in third.

Well done to all that raced, for the last crit race we will split the A race into 2 groups with a handicap to make for even more exciting racing.

Once again a huge thanks to The Bear Group for providing the toilet, Rituals for their goodies and Appleby jewelers for their continued support of the entire league.


B Race Placings
 1. Ellen Ní Cleirigh
 2. Aoibhe Murray
 3. Ciara Meagher
 4. Zoe Shakespeare
 5. Meadhbh O'Neill
 6. Hannah Roche


A Race Placings
 1. Orla Walsh       UCD
 2. Cleo Harvey      Dublin Wheelers
 3. Jennifer Neenan  Longcourt NCW
 4. Annalise Murphy  Longcourt NCW
 5. Yvonne Doran     Pinergy Orwell
=6. Jennifer Bates   Longcourt NCW
=6. Elizabeth Kent   Spin the Bean p/b Coffee


B Race Standings, after three rounds.
Pos Name              Pts
 1. Ellen Ní Cleirigh  33
=2. Aoibhe Murray      20
=2. Danya El Gahzel    20
=4. Ciara Meagher      17
=4. Marijke Beltman    17


A Race Standings, after three rounds.
Pos Name            Pts
=1. Yvonne Doran     22
=1. Orla Walsh UCD   22
=3. Jennifer Neenan  20
=3. Cleo Harvey      20
 5. Annalise Murphy  17



ROUND 2: Corkagh Park Crit Race, 25th April 2023


(The B group getting used the the track and some cagey racing)


A Race

Group Name   Club Place
A Orla Walsh UCD Cycling Club 1
A Cleo Harvey Dublin Wheelers 2
A Annalise Murphy Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers 3
A Autumn Collins Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers 4
A Aoife Reilly Dunboyne Cycling Club 5
A Yvonne Doran Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 6
A Suzanne White Sorrento CC 7
A Elizabeth Kent Spin the Bean Power by Coffee 8
A Josephine Lynch Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 9
A Niamh Stephens Team Giant Dublin 10
A Jennifer Bates Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers 11
A Monica Marconi Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 12
A Gráinne O Callaghan Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club DNS
A Fiona Guihen Un-Attached Leinster DNS
A Danielle Travers Dublin Wheelers DNS
A Aine Kelly Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club DNS
A Beata Golczak Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club DNS



B Race

Group Name   Club Place
B Ellen Ni Cleirigh Un-Attached Leinster 1
B Aoibhe Murray Moynalty Cycling Club 2
B Ciara Meagher Spin the Bean Power by Coffee 3
B Marijke Beltman Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 4
B Lorraine Mc Gill Blanch Wheelies CC 5
B Ciara O Shea Sundrive Track Team 6
B Danya El Gahzel Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 7
B Jean Wilson Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 8
B Susanne Reid Bohermeen CC 9
B Máire Diggin Un-Attached Leinster 10
B Clara Fitzsimons Lucan Cycling Road Club 11
B Emma Convey EPIC MTB/Expert Cycles 12
B Heather Jameson Un-Attached Leinster 13
B Elena De Marco Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club DNS
B Liz Hanley Dublin Fire Brigade Cycling Club DNS
B Lizanne Healy Mondello Park Cycling Club DNS
B Zoe Shakespeare TC Racing DNS



ROUND 1: 10 MILE TT @ Batterstown, 18th April 2023

Round 1 photos HERE

Jennifer Neenan Longcourt Hotel - NCW Wheelers 19:22 19:45:30 23:30 1
Aishling Barry Dunboyne Cycling Club 19:19 19:44:20 25:20:00 2
Yvonne Doran Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 19:20 19:45:32 25:32:00 3
Fiona Guihen Un-Attached Leinster 19:21 19:47:35 26:35:00 4
Suzanne White Sorrento CC 19:15 19:41:52 26:52:00 5
Ellen Ni Cleirigh Un-Attached Leinster 19:09 19:36:32 27:32:00 6
Danielle Travers Dublin Wheelers 19:12 19:39:46 27:46:00 7
Danya El Ghazel Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 19:11 19:38:49 27:49:00 8
Lorraine McGill 19:10 19:38:16 28:16:00 9
Carmel Moran Un-Attached Leinster 19:13 19:41:35 28:35:00 10
Josephine Lynch Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 19:16 19:44:42 28:42:00 11
Lizanne Healy Mondello Park Cycling Club 19:06 19:34:54 28:54:00 12
Jean Wilson Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 19:07 19:35:57 28:57:00 13
Marijke Beltman Orwell Wheelers 19:02 19:31:39 29:39:00 14
Zoe Shakespeare TC Racing 19:05 19:34:45 29:45:00 15
Susanne Reid Bohermeen CC 19:03 19:33:13 30:13:00 16
Clara Fitzsimons Lucan Cycling Road Club 19:01 19:31:41 30:41:00 17
Heather Jameson Un-Attached Leinster 19:08 19:46:52 38:52:00 18
Elena De Marco Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 19:04 DNS    
Elizabeth Kent Spin the Bean Power by Coffee 19:14 DNS    
Eleanor Gallagher Un-Attached Leinster 19:17 DNS    
Gráinne O Callaghan Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 19:18 DNS