5 weeks have flown by and the final round of the Appleby Orwell Womens league will take place this coming Tuesday the 23rd of May! We will return to Batterstown for a repeat of the round 1 course which gives everyone a chance to see how much they have improved.  The prizgiving presentation will take place in Gaffneys pub in Batterstown after racing - all participants and helpers wellcome, tea/coffee & sandwiches will be served.



1 Agnieszka Samsel 19:01:00
2 Elena De Marco 19:02:00
3 Marijke Beltman 19:03:00
4 Clara Fitzsimons 19:04:00
5 Ciara O Shea 19:05:00
6 Susanne Reid 19:06:00
7 Heather Jameson 19:07:00
8 Jean Wilson 19:08:00
9 Aoibhe Murray 19:09:00
10 Lorraine Mc Gill 19:10:00
11 Gabrielle Fox 19:11:00
12 Zoe Shakespeare 19:12:00
13 Ciara Meagher 19:13:00
14 Ellen Ni Cleirigh 19:14:00
15 Gráinne O Callaghan 19:15:00
16 Aine Kelly 19:16:00
17 Danielle Travers 19:17:00
18 Fiona Guihen 19:18:00
19 Aishling Barry 19:19:00
20 Suzanne White 19:20:00
21 Josephine Lynch 19:21:00
22 Jennifer Bates 19:22:00
23 Elizabeth Kent 19:23:00
24 Autumn Collins 19:24:00
25 Annalise Murphy 19:25:00
26 Yvonne Doran 19:26:00
27 Jennifer Neenan 19:27:00
28 Orla Walsh 19:28:00



Rounds 6 Location/Info:

Map to Parking, Sign On/Start & Turn



There is no parking at the start line.

If you are driving out to Black Bull, please park as marked on the link below and ride to the start as part of your warm up.

Parking is the on the road off the R142, the first turn left after you drive over the M3 when coming from Dublin. There is a layby on the left about one KM down this road.  Please be mindful and respectful of local residences and ask that you do not park outside homes closer to the start line. We have had some cars block entrances or park on lawns outside houses at events here in the past and as it is a well used course we do not want to annoy the residents.


Sign on

As per round 1 we will be using online registration for the Time Trials.  The first rider will be off at 19:01. A start list will be published at lunch time on the day of the TT with the start times.

Please be at the start line at least 3 minutes before your start time. The clock will start at your allocated time so don't be late!



Link to Route on Strava: Womens League TT Black Bull

Link to Route on Ride with GPS: Womens League TT Black Bull (ride with GPS)

The course is 10miles (16km).

The route goes west along the Trim rd through Batterstown and out to a roundabout at 8km.

Make sure to follow the directions of the Marshals at the roundabout - we have had participants leave the roundabout one exit to early in the past! Circle the roundabout to the 4th exit and leave the roundabout at the same junction as you entered it.



The rules of the road must be followed at all times.

Warming up on the course is NOT allowed. Please warm up in the opposite direction to the course or on the side lane.

TT bikes, wheels and aero kit can be used.

When you cross the finish line roll on through, pull over further down the road and don't turn around before checking that it is safe to do so. Anyone doing a U-turn in the vicinity of the finish line will be disqualified. Please don't hassle the timekeepers for your time- there's no problem asking, but make sure to do it at a time when there aren't any riders coming in.

Map to Parking, Sign On/Start & Turn



In the A group Orla Walsh looks to have the win secured but it is very close behind for the remaining prizes. Jenny Neenan and Yvonne Doran are tied on 30 points while Autumn Collins and Annalise Murphy are only 2 points behind on 28. A lot could happen on Tuesday!

In the B group Ellen Ni Cleirigh is 5 points ahead going into the final round with Ciara Meagher then 5 points ahead of Zoe Shakespeare. There is a chasing group of riders between 22 and 28 points - this will go down to the milliseconds for placings!



Orla Walsh 42
Jennifer Neenan 30
Yvonne Doran 30
Autumn Collins 28
Annalise Murphy 28
Josephine Lynch 24
Jennifer Bates 24
Elizabeth Kent 22
Aoife Reilly 21
Cleo Harvey 20
Suzanne White 17
Beata Golczak 15
Aishling Barry 15
Niamh Stephens 15
Monica Marconi 15
Doireann Killeen 10
Fiona Guihen 8
Aine Kelly 6
Danielle Travers 6
Clare  Dillon 5



Ellen Ni Cleirigh 41
Ciara Meagher 36
Zoe Shakespeare 31
Marijke Beltman 28
Lorraine McGill 26
Danya El Gahzel 25
Aoibhe Murray 25
Carmel Moran 23
Jean Wilson 22
Gabrielle  Fox 18
Ciara O Shea 16
Máire Diggin 15
Clara Fitzsimons 15
Heather Jameson 15
Susanne Reid 15
Hannah Hayes 11
Róisín Kennedy 11
Emma Convey 10
Toni Ryan 10
Clodagh Allen 7
Lizanne Healy 7
Meadhbh O Neill 7
Hannah Roche 6
Isabelle Cairns 5
Deirdre O Toole 5
Teri Kelly 5
Ellen Desmond 5
Lorraine Harrington 5