Another stunning evening in Corkagh Park - two in a row, we are getting spoilt now! Thanks as always to our event sponsor Appleby Jewellers for the continued support but also thanks to The Bear Group for the toilet supplied for the Orwell youths racing on Mondays and our League on Tuesday.



Photo thanks to John Hammer

A great turn out in the B race with a field of 18 riders taking to the start line.  It was great to see some returning faces and to have experienced riders such as Kate Earlie encouraging and marshaling the group.  The race was tight throughout the 20 mins with no breaks getting away, in the end it came down to a sprint with Anna Hickey getting the better of Natasha Eckel in 2nd and Carmel Moran in 3rd.

1. Anna Hickey

2. Natasha Eckel

3. Carmel Moran

4. Kate Earlie

5. Blanco Franco

6. Louise O'Riordan



Photo thanks to John Hamme

A tighter affair in the A race this week with some cagey racing from the start.  It was good to see some agressive racing as riders attacked at different times but nothing was sticking tonight. Jennifer Bates, fresh from the sunshine of Mallorca, looked strong as she attacked several times on the uphill home stretch but was reeled in each time.  Bouyed by her results last week Aine Reilly was another rider who tried to stretch the elastic and got clear more than once but again the group worked hard each time and the attacks were reeled in. Beata Golczak and Fiona Guihan also looked threatening but this race was always going to come down to the sprint.

In a night for the Juniors Zoe Shakespeare of TC Racing took a very well deserved win a blistering sprint up the home straight while Aine Reilly fought off Richael Timothy to clinch 2nd. A special mention to "bike throw of the night" by Niamh Stephens who timed it to perfection to pip Joe Lynch of Orwell for 4th.

1. Zoe Shakespeare

2. Aine Reilly

3. Richael Timothy

4. Niamh Stephens

5. Jo Lynch

6. Danielle Travers





Round three of the Appleby Orwell Womens League will take place on Tuesday the 23rd of April in Corkagh Park. Racing will start at 7pm with the B race followed by the A race at 7.30pm.

ENTER HERE: Appleby Orwell Women's Beginner League - Buy Tickets (



Corkagh Park track location: Map to Corkagh Park Track

** The car park closes early - park on the road or you may get locked in! See below for advice on parking at Corkagh Park



*** As this is a league to encourage new riders into the sport of road racing and not everyone partaking will be part of a club, we would request In the Spirit of Fairness that clubs refrain from using Team Tactics when racing.  We would encourage a scenario where it is every woman for herself.


B race: 7pm start, 25 mins of racing plus 3 laps

A race: 7.35pm start, 30 mins of racing plus 3 laps

(race length may be changed on the night depending on conditions etc. Please arrive in plenty of time to warm up.  A racers can warm up before the B race but not on the main track during the B race.)



If you have just signed up and are are not sure which group you are in then come early and talk to us before the start of the B race at 7pm so we can put you in the correct group.

B Marijke Beltman
B Andrea Brennan
B Gráinne Burrows
B Máire Diggin
B Kate Earlie
B Natasha Eckel
B Sinead Flynn
B Blanca Franco
B Anna Hickey
B Shelley Horan
B Heather Jameson
B Teri Kelly
B Róisín Kennedy
B Nicola Mc Laughlin
B Christina Monaghan
B Carmel Moran
B Katie Nolan
B Louise O Riordan
B Gillesa O Shea
B Emer Quinn
B Caoimhe Seymour
B Niamh Stephens
A Isabelle Cairns
A Yvonne Doran
A Beata Golczak
A Zoe Greene
A Fiona Guihen
A Aine Kelly
A Josephine Lynch
A Annalise Murphy
A Aine Reilly
A Agnieszka Samsel
A Zoe Shakespeare
A Richael Timothy
A Danielle Travers


 Photo thanks to Matthew Lysaght

Some advice on racing in Corkagh Park thanks to Brian Mc and Club League advice...

If this is your first race, try arrive early and get some warm-up laps in. Get used to the twists and curves of the course, and what line is best. When in the bunch, remember that there may be a rider on your inside or outside, or both - don't cut across their line.

If you find yourself dropped during the race and getting lapped, please move to the side and let those lapping you go by.

Please don't compromise on safety. Any dangerous riding may result in disqualification or suspension. Bear in mind that there will be plenty of beginners on the track on Tuesday night.

For the finish, safety is the priority. Don't put your head down or close your eyes in a sprint, and make sure to keep a straight line so you don't take down anyone else who might be overtaking you. Keep riding through the finish line until you are well clear of the line before stopping. Please continue around the track and come back to the finish using the half lap or do another full lap as your cool down.


If you think you placed, come back and make sure the race organiser has your name.



The car park closes early at the start of the year, so you're better off to park outside on the road parallel to the N7. The club is not responsible if you're locked in while you're racing. See Corkagh Park INFO for the official times.



Please be careful with your belongings on race night. Some people leave bags at the gate during the race. It would be much safer to leave them on the inside of the course at the finish line, as that is where most people stand and can keep an eye on the bags. Unfortunately we have had some cars broken into over the past year so please don't leave anything of value visible in your car.



There are no toilet facilities available. You could try asking the caravan park nicely alternatively we have been able to use the toilets in the Green Isle Hotel in the past too.



1. Try and arrive in time to do some warm up laps and get used to the course

2. Change gears before coming into corner/bend - use easier gears so you can sprint out of corner.

3. Keep the inside pedal up as you go around the bend if it’s too tight to pedal through

4. Feather your brakes going into corner. Again warm up laps to get to know the course will help here

5. Go wide entering corner/bend and approach the corner/bend at the apex

6. Sprint out of corners and once on top of gear then start changing gears

7. Hold wheel as close as you can when approaching bend as will give you better chance of staying on wheel exiting

8. Keep your head up and look where you want to to especially as you ride through the corners.

9. keep your line as you ride through the corners.

10. many people don’t wear gloves in training but we always recommend them for racing as a layer of protection in case of crashes.