With a strong and growing contingent of youth and junior riders, the Club have devised a child safeguarding policy.

This is operated in the conjunction with the official Cycling Ireland code of conduct (available for download here).

As part of the club's obligations under the Children's First Act 2015, here is our Safeguarding Statement. (PDF).

Our first priority is the welfare of the young riders and we are committed to providing an environment which allows them to perform to the best of their ability free from bullying and intimidation.

Junior riders are bound by the same rules and guidelines as senior riders, e.g. they have to wear a helmet, obey the rules of the road, etc. Please see the other sections of this site for details.

If there any queries about this policy, or complaints regarding violations, the Safeguarding Officer can be reached via the details on our Contact page. The phone number is also available on request.

Our new CPO for 2023 has completed the first required Safeguarding course and is working on subsequent training.

The National and Provincial CPOs' details are available from the Cycling Ireland Safeguarding Page.

Please note that the policy may be updated as needed.


1. Juniors

1.1 All Juniors must complete at least one Corkagh Park session before progressing to road spins.

1.2 Juniors are permitted to go with ability groups, with parental consent.

1.3 Juniors must have a charged, working phone with credit (in protective waterproof plastic) when going on a spin.

1.4 Parents' phone number(s) should be given to group leader.

1.5 Juniors on a spin must be accompanied by at least one adult and one Junior, or two adults, at all times.

1.6 Juniors are permitted to leave the spin to go home, with parental consent.

1.7 Juniors must notify the group leader when leaving the spin, and must send a text to the group leader when they have arrived home.


2. Youth (advanced)

2.1 All Youths must complete at least one Corkagh Park session before progressing to road spins.

2.2 All Youths must endeavour to attend at least one Corkagh Park session every five weeks.

2.3 Youth spins will be ability based.

2.4 Youth spins will start and finish in the same place.

2.5 Parents' phone number(s) must be given to group leaders.

2.6 Youths must have a charged, working phone with credit (in protective waterproof plastic) on every spin.

2.7 Youths must bring a tube, tyre levers, a pump, a small amount of money and some food on every spin.

2.8 If there is a puncture or crash, the whole group will wait together.

2.9 Youth riders will only be allowed to leave the spin to go home, if it is within 5km, with written parental consent. A text must be sent when they have arrived home.

2.10 Youths will be accompanied until a parent arrives at the spin pick up point.

2.11 There will be a minimum ratio of two adults to eight youth riders at every spin.

2.12 Distance Guidelines for Youths:

  • U14 Nov-Feb 30-50-60km
  • Mar-Apr 30-50km
  • U16 Nov-Feb 40-80-100km
  • Mar-Apr 70-90km

2.13 On every spin, youths will be coached in developing good group skills and good cadence.


3. Corkagh Park Sessions

3.1 One of these sessions must be completed by every youth rider before progressing to road spins.

3.2 Parents' phone number(s) must be given to group leaders.

3.3 Youth must be collected from the venue on time. If there is a problem, contact the group leader as soon as possible.

3.4 Both group leaders must wait until all youth are collected.

3.5 When a child needs to use toilet facilities, they must be accompanied by at least one adult and one other youth. The adult will wait outside the facility, until accompanying the youths back to the track.

3.6 All sessions will be run with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment, in a friendly and supportive environment.

4. Photos

4.1 It is important that children and young people feel happy with their achievements and have photographs and films of  special moments. Family and friends also want to be able to share the successes of their children when they have been part of a special event or activity. Children should always be consulted about the use of their image and give consent to it being used and shared.  

4.2 For young people under 16, you should get parental consent to take and/or use an image.


Appendix A

A.1 Parent is taken to mean parent or legal guardian.

A.2 Parental consent must be written in all cases.


Appendix B

B.1 Joe Fitzpatrick (CPO)

B.2 Eamonn Eaton (DLP)

B.3 Donal Gillespie (National Safeguarding Officer)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Responsible for Garda Vetting, E-Vetting, Cycling Ireland Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.


Other Documents and Forms

Issue / Incident Report Form     PDF     doc
Youths Consent Form   PDF   doc
Youths Away Day Checklist   PDF   doc