Last Monday seen the end of the six week InterClub League portion of the Monday Night Racing @ Corkagh series. Here is a wrap up of the league.

The Prize Race portion of the series will take place over nine weeks starting June 26th and ending August 21st. There is no racing on the 19th of June.

For more details on the upcoming events, please see the announcement article for Monday Night Youth Racing Series 2017.


Round Six

The final round of this years youth league was held last night in Corkagh park, and it was another very successful edition with fifty-two kids from eight different clubs taking part.

With three races for each category from Under 6 up to Under 16, there's always lots of winners. Top of the lot in round six was Dylan Baker who used his vastly improved sprint to take clear wins in both the Elimination and CP, as well as being fastest before the handicap in the 2up TT.

It was a good night also for the Holmes family, with big brother Luca taking two wins and another one for little sister Livia. Also featuring on the winners list were Ross Larkin, Katie Reilly, Lorcan Cattle, and Usher IRC were also represented with Lucas Dunne winning the U8 Scratch race.


InterClub League 2017 Standings

Overall Results

Long time league leader Andrew Ryan missed the final round, and in his absence Rúairí Byrne and Dylan Baker squeezed by him at the top of the league, giving us an overall podium of:

1  Rúairí Byrne  U14  Orwell  139 points
2 Dylan Baker U14 Orwell 133 points
3 Andrew Ryan U14 Orwell 126 points


The season long battle to be number one in the Reilly household saw Aine take a super narrow victory over big sister Katie, and then Kate Kiernan just held off Lucan's Ella Murtagh for 3rd place of the girls:

1  Aine Reilly   U10  Orwell  85 points
2 Katie Reilly U12 Orwell 83 points
3 Kate Kiernan U10 Orwell 45 points


Age Group Breakdown

With twenty-six of our own riders taking part in the league the placings were understandably dominated by Scott-Orwell jerseys, but it was nice to see both genders well represented, and a regular scattering from a variety of other clubs up there every week.

The final podiums for each of the age categories were as follows:

Under Sixteen
1  Peter Walsh   U16  Orwell  110 points
2 Ella Murtagh U16 Lucan 43 points
3 Ryan O'Hagan U16 Lucan 43 points
Under Fourteen
1  Rúairí Byrne  U14  Orwell  139 points
2 Dylan Baker U14 Orwell 133 points
3 Andrew Ryan U14 Orwell 126 points
Under Twelve
1  Lorcan Cattle  U12  Orwell  88 points
2 Katie Reilly U12 Orwell 83 points
3 Aoife Murtagh U12 Lucan 31 points
Under Ten
1  Aine Reilly       U10 Orwell  85 points
2 Luca Holmes U10 Orwell 55 points
3 Darragh Saunders U10 Orwell 53 points
Under Eight
1  Kevin Randall  U8  Orwell     93 points
2 Ross Larkin U8 Orwell 67 points
3 Lucas Dunne U8 Usher IRC 64 points
Under Six
1  Florence Kiernan  U6 Orwell  35 points
2 Cillian Saunders U6 Orwell 35 points
3 Danny McLoughlin U6 Orwell 27 points


Full Results

The Google Sheets, Corkagh Park Youth League 2017, has the full week-by-week breakdown of results.


Well done to all of them and well done also to everyone who came out and raced over the six weeks. Remember that while the league is finished up for another year, Monday night racing will be continuing on again from Monday the 26th of June, and there will be plenty of racing, fun and games for all ages from toddlers to sixteen year olds all the way up to the end of the Summer holidays.

Finally, thank you to all of the parents who come out and gave their help and support every week. There is a regular crew who are always there to help out whenever we need, you all know who you are yourselves, and every bit of help from you guys makes it all run so much smoother.