Orwell riders featured prominently in the Murphy & Gunn Underage Interclub League 2011 which finished recently.
Eleven club riders, including four making their racing debuts and five who scored victories made it a very successful series for Orwell’s youth contingent.
All at Orwell Wheelers are keen to record the debt of gratitude owed to the Bray Wheelers and Sorrento CC, in particularMark Loughran who has been running the show for the past few years.
Being part of this league gives our kids access to a level of racing that has a very strong emphasis on fun and participation above serious competition. It's no coincidence that nearly all of our young racing riders at the moment made their debuts in this league, even if they've since moved on to bigger and better things.
Adam and Andrew Liffey made their racing debuts in round one while Sam and Shane Carr took their racing bows in round four.
The five Orwell winners were Fionn, Naoise and Uisneach Sheridan, Ciarán Keogh and a first ever win for Áine Keogh (who went on to repeat the feat two weeks later) plus lots of other places and loads of fun had by all.

Round 1
Ashford, Cullenmore bends
road time trial and race

Time trial
Under 16s
Fintan Ryan    Sorrento    5.44
Fionn Sheridan    Orwell    5.59 (2nd)
Martin McInerney    Sorrento    6.35
Caoimhe Ivory    Bray    6.48
Edward Clarke    Bray    6.51
Connor Eivers    Sorrento    7.09
Liam Hayes    Sorrento    7.17
Robert Fanning    Bray    7.19
Aoife Sheridan    Orwell    7.49 (9th)
Tristin Lyons    Bray    10.45
Luke Weir    Bray    11.16

Under 14s
Jack O’Connor    Bray    6.46
Naoise Sheridan    Orwell    6.54 (2nd)
Cian Keogh    SERC    7.09
Deirbhle Ivory    Bray    7.45
Sam Gilmore    Bray    8.24

Under 12s
Eric Dalby    Bray    9.03
Aisling Dalby    Bray    10.40
Sean Carrigg    Bray    11.36

Under 10s
Will Ryan    Bray    7.31
Sam Massey    Bray    8.35
Uisneach Sheirdan    Orwell    8.48 (3rd)
Archie Ryan    Bray    9.17
Ben Martin    Bray    10.38
Cillian Reid    Bray    12.06
Amy Martin    Bray    12.39
Gareth Reid    Bray    16.10

Handicapped Races

Group 1
Fintan Ryan    Sorrento    1st
Caoimhe Ivory    Bray    2nd
Jack O’Connor    Bray    3rd
Edward Clarke    Bray    4th
Naoise Sheridan    Orwell    5th
Martin McInerney    Sorrento    6th
Fionn Sheridan    Orwell    7th

Group 2
Connor Eivers    Sorrento    1st
Cian Keogh    SERC    2nd
Robert Fanning    Bray    3rd
Will Ryan    Bray    4th
Deirbhle Ivory    Bray    5th
Sam Massey    Bray    6th
Sam Gilmore    Bray    7th
Uisneach Sheirdan    Orwell    8th
Aoife Sheridan    Orwell    9th

Group 3
Eric Dalby    Bray    1st
Tristin Lyons    Bray    2nd
Ben Martin    Bray    3rd
Aisling Dalby    Bray    4th
Archie Ryan    Bray    5th
Luke Weir    Bray    6th
Cillian Reid    Bray    7th
Sean Carrigg    Bray    8th
Amy Martin    Bray    9th

Round 2
mountain bike time trial and race

Time trial
Naoise Sheridan    Orwell    1.45 (1st)
Aisling Dalby    Bray    2.46
Sean Lee    Bray    2.51
Ciaran Keogh    Orwell    3.01 (=4th)
Siobhan Keogh    Orwell    3.01 (=4th)
Will Ryan    Bray    3.00
Archie Ryan    Bray    3.10
Aine Keogh    Orwell    3.15 (8th)
Sam Massey    Bray    3.31
Eric Dalby    Bray    3.31
Crolagh na Croach        3.32
Adam Crean    Bray    3.54
Uisneach Sheridan    Orwell    4.31 (13th)
Amy Martin    Bray    4.34
Sam Gilmore    Bray    4.36
Sam Carr   Orwell     4.44 (16th)
Aston McGettigan    Bray    5.05
Shane Carr   Orwell     6.43 (18th)
Cillian Reid    Bray    7.59

U16s two laps
Fintan Ryan    Sorrento    4.52
Fionn Sheridan    Orwell    5.29 (2nd)
Peter O’Sullivan    Sorrento    5.32
Martin McInerney    Sorrento    6.25
Liam Hayes    Sorrento    6.40
Conor Eivers    Sorrento    6.37

Round 2
Handicapped Races

Race 1
Will Ryan    Bray    1st
Sean Lee    Bray    2nd
Ciaran Keogh    Orwell    3rd
Archie Ryan    Bray    4th
Adam Crean    Bray    5th

Race 2
Aisling Dalby    Bray    1st
Eric Dalby    Bray    2nd
Amy Martin    Bray    3rd
Sam Carr    Orwell    4th
Uisneach Sheridan    Orwell    5th
Sam Gilmore    Bray    6th
Shane Carr   Orwell     7th

Race 3
Aine Keogh    Orwell    1st
Siobhan Keogh    Orwell    2nd
Sam Massey    Bray    3rd
Naoise Sheridan    Orwell    4th
Cillian Reid    Bray    5th

Race 4
Fintan Ryan    Sorrento    1st
Fionn Sheridan    Orwell    2nd
Martin McInerney    Sorrento    3rd
Peter O’Sullivan    Sorrento    4th
Conor Eivers    Sorrento    5th
Liam Hayes    Sorrento    6th

Round 3
Ashford, Cullenmore bends
road races

Handicapped Races

Race 1
Sam Massey    Bray    1st
Cillian Reid    Bray    2nd
Eric Dalby    Bray    3rd
Will Ryan    Bray    4th
Aisling Dalby    Bray    5th
Dylan Nutty    Bray    6th
Gareth Reid    Bray    7th
Julianne Mulcahy    Bray    8th
Tajbibi Nazar    Sorrento    9th
Halima Nazar    Sorrento    10th

Race 2
Uisneach Sheridan    Orwell    1st
Archie Ryan    Bray    2nd
Adam Crean    Bray    3rd
Thomas Stanley Pickford    Bray    4th
Jamie Clarke    Bray    5th
Elena Mulcahy    Bray    6th
Alex Mulcahy    Bray    7th

Race 3
Fintan Ryan    Sorrento    1st
Jack O’Connor    Bray    2nd
Martin McInerney    Sorrento    3rd
Edward Clarke    Bray    4th
Caoimhe Ivory    Bray    5th
Sam Gilmore    Bray    6th
Andrew Liffey        7th
Sean Lee    Bray    8th
Tristin Lyons    Bray    9th
Luke Weir    Bray    10th

Round 4
Kindlestown woods
Mountain bike time trial

Race 1 TT
Ciaran Keogh    Orwell    2.02 (1st)
Will Ryan    Bray    2.03
Aine Keogh    Orwell    2.04
Archie Ryan    Bray    2.27
Thomas Pickford    Bray    2.39

Race 2 TT
Sam Massey    Bray    4.37
Uisneach Sheridan    Orwell    4.40 (2nd)
Tristin Lyons    Bray    5.10
Luke Weir    Bray    5.10

Race 3 TT
Elena Mulcahy    Bray    3.45
Julianne Mulcahy    Bray    4.21
Alex Mulcahy    Bray    4.30
Adam Crean    Bray    4.47
Aston McGettigan    Bray    5.19
Gareth Reid    Bray    5.23

Race 4 TT
Peter O’Sullivan    Sorrento    9.17
Fionn Sheridan    Orwell    10.04 (2nd)
Liam Hayes    Sorrento    11.13
Conor Eivers    Sorrento    11.45
Martin McInerney    Sorrento    13.15
Caoimhe Ivory    Bray    15.59

Handicapped races

Race 1
Aine Keogh    Orwell    1st
Will Ryan    Bray    2nd
Archie Ryan    Bray    3rd
Thomas Pickford    Bray    4th
Ciaran Keogh    Orwell    5th

Race 2
Tristin Lyons    Bray    1st
Luke Weir    Bray    2nd
Uisneach Sheridan    Orwell    3rd
Sam Massey    Bray    4th

Race 3
Aston McGettigan    Bray    1st
Adam Crean    Bray    2nd
Gareth Reid    Bray    3rd
Alex Mulcahy    Bray    4th
Cillian Reid    Bray    5th
Elena Mulcahy    Bray    6th
Julianne Mulcahy    Bray    7th

Race 4
Fionn Sheridan    Orwell    1st
Peter O’Sullivan    Sorrento    2nd
Martin McInerney    Sorrento    3rd
Liam Hayes    Sorrento    4th
Conor Eivers    Sorrento    5th

Round 5
Track, Eamonn Ceannt Park
track races and skills

Riders taking part
Cillian Reid    Bray
Gareth Reid    Bray
Sam Massey    Bray
Aisling Dalby    Bray
Will Ryan    Bray
Sam Goggin    Bray
Conor Goggin     Bray
Elena Mulcahy    Bray
Julianne Mulcahy    Bray
Alex Mulcahy    Bray
Dillon Nutty    Bray
Archie Ryan    Bray
Amy Martin     Bray
Ben Martin    Bray
Eric Dalby    Bray
Peter O’Sullivan    Sorrento