Four of Orwell's youngest members were out last night to fight for victory in the opening round of the Underage Interclub League - Killian O’Brien, Alice O’Brien, Andrew Ryan and Uisneach Sheridan.

With Killian O'Brien and Alice O'Brien competing against each other in the U10 category, it was Killian who came out on top in the time trial round, setting the fastest time for his age group! Alice was a terrific 3rd for the girls, and both put in solid performances in each of the CP races, with Killian's best result a brilliant 3rd in Race #2, and Alice a great 7th in the same event.

The two older lads likewise did excellently, with Uisneach Sheridan placing a fantastic 2nd in his TT, and Andrew Ryan a superb 3rd in the U12s. In the handicap races, the U12s and U14s were combined, and the duo came in neck and neck with 5th and 6th in Race #1. The second race saw Uisneach get the upper hand, and repeating his super 2nd, with Andrew a fine 5th.

Each rider should be proud of the rides they put in tonight, with great results all round! They'll be returning to the League with a grasstrack race next week.

The three lads are ready to roll! (photo thanks to Ivan O'Brien)

The girls are eager to start! (photo thanks to Ivan O'Brien)

For more details about the league and a full schedule, see Underage Interclub League 2014.


Underage Interclub League - R1 Road Race (21/7/2014)

Timetrial - U8s
Donnachadh Mulvaney 4.53
Thea Sterritt 6.17
Noah Harris 3.59
Faith Robinson 4.04
Rachel Dore 4.15
Laura Higgins 6.54

Timetrial - U10s
Lily Sheehy 3.07
Killian O'Brien 2.47
Molly O'Bric 5.03
Eva Sterritt 3.25
Brendan Conroy 2.56
Finn Harris 2.57
Daniel Donohue 3.25
Alice O'Brien 3.53
Ellen Savage 5.23

Handicapped Race 1 – U8s and U10s
1st Eva Sterritt
2nd Molly O'Bric
3rd Daniel Donohue
4th Laura Higgins
5th Finn Harris
6th Killian O'Brien
7th Brendan Conroy
8th Noah Harris
9th Alice O'Brien
10th Thea Sterritt
11th Faith Robinson
12th Rachel Dore
13th Lily Sheehy
14th Donnachadh Mulvaney

Handicapped Race 2 – U8s and U10s
1st Brendan Conroy
2nd Finn Harris
3rd Killian O'Brien
4th Noah Harris
5th Lily Sheehy
6th Faith Robinson
7th Alice O'Brien
8th Rachel Dore
9th Eva Sterritt
10th Daniel Donohue
11th Laura Higgins
12th Molly O'Bric

Timetrial U12s
Sam Massey 2.44
Josh Docherty 2.52
Andrew Ryan 2.49
Ethan Mackey 3.40
Lauren Haverty 3.15
Thomas Pickford 2.39
Timetrial U14s
Garret Keogh 2.53
Uisneach Sheridan 2.33
Orla Conroy 2.37
Ben Docherty 2.13
Adam Doherty 2.25

Handicapped Race 1 – U12s and U14s
1st Ben Docherty
2nd Adam Doherty
3rd Thomas Pickford
4th Orla Conroy
5th Uisneach Sheridan
6th Andrew Ryan
7th Garret Keogh
8th Sam Massey
9th Josh Docherty
10th Lauren Haverty
11th Ethan Mackey

Handicapped Race 2 – U12s and U14s
1st Orla Conroy
2nd Uisneach Sheridan
3rd Sam Massey
4th Lauren Haverty
5th Andrew Ryan
6th Josh Docherty
7th Ben Docherty
8th Garrett Keogh
9th Thomas Pickford
10th Adam Doherty
11th Ethan Mackey