Youth Reports

We have a strong and growing contingent of youth and junior riders, find out more about them at the main youth page.

The next CX date has a full set of youth races if you know anybody who'd like to take part, or perhaps you'd like to drop in on the way back from your Sunday spin to support riders - both young and old! Full details follow...

The 2014 Interclub Underage League wrapped up recently, with Orwell Youths still showing up for their first taste of racing. Late joiners included Alicia and Liam Coulcher, Evan and Luke Caddow, Max Latham, and Kevin Lahiff. They took part in one or both of the last two rounds, taking place on the tracks of Corkagh Park and Sundrive Road. Read on for all the details and results!

The youth have been racing prolifically over the last couple of weeks, with no less than nine of them in action in the Underage and Orwell leagues. Read on for all the details!

Four of Orwell's youngest members were out last night to fight for victory in the opening round of the Underage Interclub League - Killian O’Brien, Alice O’Brien, Andrew Ryan and Uisneach Sheridan. Read on to see how they got on!

The summer Underage Interclub League 2015 is happening soon! Beginning on the 20th July, the league will run all the way through August on Mondays and one Sunday, full details below!