Online cycling simulates cycling outdoors while you use your trainer at home. You use a desktop computer or laptop and an online cycling service such as Zwift, Rouvy, RGT or Sufferfest to display a virtual road on the screen in front of you, including other cyclists on the road too. The other cyclists represent people who are doing the same as you, riding their trainers. The harder you pedal your trainer the faster you go on the virtual road on the screen – just like in real life.

COVID-19 Notice 27th March

From midnight tonight, the Government is putting new restrictions in place until Easter Sunday. PLEASE be sensible and follow the guidelines. If you want to train then get on the turbo or rollers and train indoors. If you need some fresh air then stay within 2km of home. It's for 2 weeks - it could save lives!

We are planning a "Move-Up Sunday" for the Winter spin on 22nd March. Read on for information on how you can join in and "move up" a colour on the day.

Unfortunately Storm Dennis has settled in for the weekend! Club spins are cancelled for Sunday the 16th of Feb

Official Sunday Club Spins are CANCELLED for the 9th of Feb. The Met Eireann warning has been upgraded to an Orange Warning for the whole country.  Please spread the word.

Quanta Scott Orwell Wheelers will launch their summer leisure and racing programmes on Wednesday the 4th of March at 7.30pm in the Union Cafe, Mt Merrion