Leisure Reports

"Me and big mouth! I had told everyone about this stupid climb in Colombia and now I am so sorry. There was no going back or quitting now - only forward! The longest climb on earth seemed like a great idea when I booked it, in reality it was the worst day of my life! 80 kilometers of sheer stupidity, what was I thinking?"

Read on to find out how Sinead Kennedy got on on her epic day of climbing.....

It started with a chat on a Saturday spin. Simon floated the question – “would you be on for a trip to the Alps after the Summer?” Tuesday 18th September: Chris, Guy, Ian, Joe, Nick & Simon took a 7am Aer Lingus flight to Lyon. By mid afternoon they were on a gentle 20km spin to check out their full carbon rental bikes and ready themselves for the climbs!

Luke GJ takes you on holiday to the Dolomites with a rag-tag bunch of Orwellians. Here is his day by day diary of his adventures up hill and down dale.
Would his Patellar Tendons live to tell the tale? Spoiler Alert: Barely.
It’s another monster report, with a Podcast for those without the time to read.

Never one to shy from a challenge, Sinead Kennedy and Michael Staines headed off to France a few weeks ago to conquer The Bald Giant - Mount Ventoux - from all three sides in one day. It's definitely a bucket list event! Find out how they got on....

This weekend sees some members of the club heading to France where the Etape du Tour and the Marmotte are taking place on the same day but in different parts of the Alps! In 2013 Billy Parker wrote this article which inspired me to do my first Marmotte and as we wish good luck to everyone taking in either challenge I though it was time to share this epic read once more!