Most Sundays throughout the year, Orwell Youths hold cycling sessions. In these we aim to teach the children bike handling skills, to help them keep fit, to give them confidence in riding a bike, both at a competitive level and more importantly in their day to day lives.

The year is split roughly into two parts - October to March, and April to August. During the first part of the season we will concentrate on skills and cycling in a fairly controlled environment - both at Corkagh Park and on the road. We also use Sundrive Track, Lucan BMX and Ticknock or Ballinastoe Mountain biking and spin along the canal cycle paths. With increased numbers on board for 16/17 we will be able to offer a wider range of activities and have decent sized groups in different age and ability categories 

In the second part we will be going further afield and talking in a few road trips, a few races and some sportives as well as regular spins from Joe Dalys. U10's will go to a nearby park and older boys and girls will go on road spins suitable for their experience.

The age groups which are referred to below are set out by Cycling Ireland and are based on year of birth / calendar year - and where we refer to groups we are now referring to the group for 2017.

Year of Birth 2017 Group
1999 2nd Year Junior
2000 1st year Junior
2001 U16
2002 U16
2003 U14
2004 U14
2005 U12
2006 U12
2007 & later U10


During the winter we had road spins and BMX'ing , inaugural youth CX championships, christmas invitational races with 5 clubs taking part as well as Corkakgh Park activites and spins to Blessington, Mount Seskin, Butter Mountain, Kilteel, the canal, Maynooth & Leixlip, we have learned about echelons, the importance of adequate and consistent fueling while out on the bike , have had two of our ladies perform very well in adult competition in CX and have had the under tens regularly kick the older guys butts in handicap races. In the Under 12 groups we have a roughly 50:50 boy /girl split, maybe even 40:60  and girls are warmly encouraged to come along.


Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 schedule is available here. The default meeting place for all ages is Sunday @ 10:00 outside Joe Dalys in Dundrum, but please do check the linked schedule to see what is on for a given week before you show up.

We have a wide range of cycling activities on offer , including

  • Regular Sunday spins for all age groups
  • Monday night racing @ Corkagh Park throughout the summer
  • Supported race weekends such as Ras na Nog and the National Championships
  • Leisure spins, the Tour of Meath and the Joe Daly Memorial
  • Track racing on Wednesdays & training on Saturdays

More details on all of the above will be provided over the summer.


Who is it for?

The lessons are open to cyclists from 6-18, boys and girls, and of any ability. Exercises will be age and ability appropriate. In the opening months we encourage mixing of the groups and adopt a very inclusive approach to the group.

 You can read regular reports which will give you an idea of what we do by selecting Youth->Reports from the drop-down menu above, or clicking on this link: youth reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are parents required to stay?

No. You are free to go for a walk, cycle or just read the papers if you like – provided you leave us a phone number. At the moment we do not have the facility to drive children out to Clondalkin (Corkagh Park) but are working on that. At each session, there will always be two responsible adults present at least one of which will have Garda vetting in place. All our coaches and helpers are required to have Garda vetting.

Do the children &/or parents need to join Orwell?

There is no requirement for the parents to be. We do ask children to join – but it is free. After three sessions you will be required to join Cycling Ireland, for insurance purposes. At the time of writing those fees range from €5 to €35 depending on age.

Is there a charge for the lessons?

Nope – all services are provided by Orwell Wheelers.

What type of bike do I need?

This varies! For the initial few classes come along on whatever you have. if you don't have one we have a very limited number we can loan out. If you decide that you would like to keep going at it, the children will feel the benefits from a well serviced bike in good condition. As you progress we would encourage you to consider the type of bike that is best suited to your child’s enjoyment of cycling

What will you teach?

We aim to teach bike handling skills, bike riding skills such as riding in a group, basic bike maintenance – we don’t want to have to fix every puncture - and to incrementally improve the children's comfort and therefore enjoyment on a bike.

All events are weather dependent we don't go when it is too wet or windy to be enjoyable. You will get a text if a session is cancelled. We do encourage children to wrap up warm with layers - they can always take them off if need be.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Jen Sheridan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 087 414 1177


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